Marty Panzer benefit brings Barry Manilow to the Triad Theatre

Marty Panzer

“My View” Stephen Sorokoff

Marty Panzer
Jeremiah James

Miracle on 34th Street? Nope!  “It’s A Miracle” on 72nd street in the Triad Theatre. If you are a reader of Times Square Chronicles, your demographics are that you know every lyric and melody in the Barry Manilow-Marty Panzer Songbook.  Imagine how it felt to be in a small club with both of them while watching a benefit performance  produced by Pat Addiss and Sandi Durell –  “An Evening with Marty Panzer.” The Manilow Music Project is a charity that highlights the importance of music programs in schools, and donates instruments and materials to schools nationwide.

If Grammy winner Marty Panzer just told stories for 2 hours it would have been a fantastic evening. He uses his talents as a writer, his wit and his humor to take you from the beginning of the Manilow/Panzer partnership through their long successful career and through his individual career writing with other partners as well.  Panzer lets you be an eyewitness to all the fascinating stories associated with the creation of those wonderful songs.


Maya Days
Alan Campbell
Producer Sandi Durell w/Barry Manilow

But there was more!  Just as he brings you to the height of anticipation about how a specific song was conceived, he introduces one of the many talented singers present to perform it. l’m going to have to hold myself back from using all the Panzer lyrics to describe the event – EVEN NOW.    However here are some of the wonderful singers who performed: Brent Barrett, Katie Finneran, Andrea Burns, Hugh Sheridan, Trisha Rapier, Erich Bergen, Doug Carpenter, James Snyder, Joshua Dixon, Maya Days, Jeremiach James, Alan Campbell, Susan Winter, Jim Stanek, all musically directed by Alex Rybeck.

Susan Winter


Jim Caruso, Stephen Schwartz, Stephen Sorokoff
2 Stephens and a Jim (Jim Caruso, Stephen Schwartz, Stephen Sorokoff)
Jim Stanek

Photos: Stephen Sorokoff


James Snyder
Erich Bergen


Trisha Rapier w/Marty

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