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3 Essential Things You Must Decide Before You Launch Your Business

3 Essential Things You Must Decide Before You Launch Your Business

Increasing numbers of people across Canada are discovering the benefits of launching and running their own business, whether as a freelancer, sole trader, or head of a small to medium enterprise. If you have a belief in your own ability, a willingness to work hard and put in long hours, a great product or service idea, and a desire to be your own boss and benefit from your own decisions, then it could be time for you to add to the number of Canadian entrepreneurs. Before you start your business, however, here are three important decisions that need to be made.

Decide What Makes Your Business Special

Official figures show that there were over one and a quarter million businesses employing workers in Canada in June 2017, and that’s not including the abundance of sole traders, consultants, and freelancers. That means that competition is fierce, especially for startup businesses. To boost your chances of success, you’ll need to stand out from the crowd, and that means offering a product or service that’s truly special. Ideally, your product should be something you’re passionate about, but it also needs to answer a real consumer need. A good starting point can be to ask yourself what problem you have in daily life, and what product could solve it or make life easier. If you can find a unique answer to that question you could be en-route to a winning product.

Web Hosting And Design

Your website is the most important advertising tool for your business, so it needs to be in place before your official launch. Look for a design that’s fresh, uncluttered, visually exciting and yet professional in appearance; it also needs to have a strong call to action that encourages sales. Choosing your web host is just as important, as you’ll need a host that’s reliable, easy to contact, flexible, and that provides great value for money. Hosting Foundry can be your best friend when choosing a host for your new business website, as they provide a wealth of free advice as well as comparing all of Canada’s top web hosting suppliers.

How Will You Market Your Business?

With an excellent product and a great website with a dependable host, you are on your way to success, but to reach that destination you’ll also need to master marketing. When launching a business, you should already have an initial marketing plan in place, so that you can hit the floor running. You won’t want to spend too much at first, so social media marketing could be a wise investment. Ensure that you have profiles on all the major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and use them regularly before starting your business; that way, you’ll already have followers in place who will then be ready to see your marketing posts. Remember that your social media posts must be informative and relevant, but they should also be interesting.

The time you spend preparing to launch your business can be just as important as the months that follow, as having the correct foundations in place can give you a solid business for years and decades to come. All businesses experience some setbacks, but with a positive attitude, a great product and website and a sound marketing strategy, you can achieve sustainable success and exponential growth. There’s never been a better time to launch a business in Canada, so don’t let your dream of running a business pass you by.





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