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3 Simple Tips for Travelling to London on a Budget

3 Simple Tips for Travelling to London on a Budget

London is a beautiful city with so much to offer, which is why it is one of those cities that regularlyfeatureson many people’s bucket lists. As a tourist in a new and unknown city, it can be difficult to know the best ways totraveland the most cost-effective methods of exploring the city on a budget. Whether you’re travelingalone, in a couple, or with a large group, it can be daunting going to a new city and country. Therefore, if you are thinking of planning a trip to London, here are a few simple tips to help make your trip easier to navigate, lighter on your bank account, and to help you have an overall more enjoyable experience.

Pick up an oyster card

Most visitors to London know that the London Underground is the best way to get around the city, and the most convenient way to pay is to have an oyster card. Oyster cards can be picked up from most Tube stations, as well as Visitor centers. The tube system can be slightly confusing at first glance, but there are plenty of signs around the stations to help you find your way, as well as information desks in the larger stations such as Victoria station or London St. Pancras. Alternatively, London has regular buses running along well-traveledroutes, or you could even hire a bike from one of the many docking stations around the city.

Don’t expect the sun

The British weatheris comically unpredictable, so nomatter what the forecast may suggest, you may want to pack a few clothing options for a rainy day. In fact, even if you are heading out on a day trip, packing a raincoat might not be the worst idea. If you are lucky enough to be blessed by good weather during your trip, then make the most of it!Head to the London Eye to see the city while the skies are clear, or visit some outdoor attractions such as the ZSL zoo. Shopping in Oxford Street is also a lot more enjoyable when the sun is out, so that’s another must-do activity. Alternatively, if the weatherisn’t at it’s finest, try enjoying the indoor delights of London, such as going to one of the many museums and art galleries, or pick up some London cheap theatre tickets and go to a show in the West End.

Book accommodation in the cheaper zones

Like most large cities, London has a lot of variation in the wealth of each of itsdifferent areas. The more central within London City you are, the more money you’ll have to spend on things such as accommodation and food, particularly within the SW1 and SW3 postcodes.

Rather than staying in Central London, why not head out into one of the boroughs to save money. Another great tip on reducing the price of your accommodation is to stay in a hostel, or with a host family through Airbnb, as many of the hotels within London can be very expensive, especially during the tourist season.

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