4 Ways Investors Can Immigrate to the USA

4 Ways Investors Can Immigrate to the USA

America is the land of opportunity, so it makes perfect sense that overseas investors would like to move to the USA to make the most of the many investment options. We are therefore looking at the four ways investors can immigrate to the USA, and how their visa can considerably impact the national economy.

  1. An EB-5 Regional Center Investment

To gain a US green card, an overseas investor must invest $500,000 in an EB-5 government-approved regional center, which will be for a five-year period. The process could take approximately 18 months before an investor and their immediate family can obtain conditional green cards for America. However, once they have their green cards in hand, they can live, study and work across the country.

The investor’s money will, therefore, be invested into a commercial project, which could be anything from a residential complex to a hotel. However, the investment opportunity must create 10 or more jobs for US workers for a minimum of two years. The money will then be returned to the investor within five years from the date of their US entry.

Anyone interested should contact an EB 5 attorney, such as Hirson Immigration, who has extensive experience handling EB-5 cases.

  1. E-2 Work Visa

An E-2 work visa is the fastest way to attain a US work visa. The investor will, however, be required to hire themselves to work in the United States, and may be eligible to gain an E-2 visa if the investor’s country of citizenship has an investment treaty with the US. They will, therefore, become both the sponsor and the immigrant employee.

  1. Intercorporate Transferee

It is possible to gain a green card by becoming an intercorporate transferee affordably. A person simply needs to be transferred from their company abroad to an affiliated US company, where they can work as a manager, executive or business consultant.

However, they must have worked for the affiliated company for a minimum of one year, and the US job must be similar to the career they performed at home. The intercorporate green card process can take approximately 18 months.

  1. EB-5 Direct Investment

You have already heard about the EB-5 regional center investment, but do you know about an EB-5 direct investment? This varies to the passive investment mentioned earlier because an investor must invest $1 million into a business and will be required to employ a minimum of ten people for two years.

This will allow an investor to take control of their finances while ensuring their immediate family also has access to a US green card to live, work and study anywhere in America. However, an investor only needs to pay $500,000 if they invest in a high unemployment area.

The above investments can therefore significantly affect the US economy for the better, as more commercial companies will have an opportunity to grow, which will improve unemployment rates, future financial investment opportunities and will create a stronger, more stable economy in the future.

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