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5 Major Health Benefits of Whole Egg Mayonnaise

5 Major Health Benefits of Whole Egg Mayonnaise

Every now and again we hear about the latest health trend that is picking up steam. At one-point juicing was the craze, the “no shampoo” movement took everyone by storm, and spinach was in everybody’s refrigerator.

Now, there seems to be a new health craze with tremendous benefits that everyone is beginning to take notice. Whole egg mayonnaise is what you want to look out for next time you go to your local farmers market or organic grocery store. Let’s cover what whole egg mayonnaise is and what the many benefits are.

What Is Whole Egg Mayonnaise?

Whole egg mayonnaise essentially is a blend of whole eggs with Dijon mustard, white wine vinegar, salt, and neutral flavored oil. This is typically different than most store bought or main stream mayonnaise that you know of. With these ingredients, whole egg mayonnaise contains a wealth of nutrients and vitamins, high levels of protein, and other essential minerals. As a result, this condiment boasts some unique health benefits, some of which might surprise you.

5 Major Health Benefits of Whole Egg Mayonnaise

  1. Repairs Body Tissue

Mayonnaise happens to be one of those many condiments that are jammed packed with health benefits. One of these health benefits includes repairing body tissue and tissue formation. As the egg yolks can help promote body tissue regeneration and repair. So, before you quick to judge, why not give whole egg mayonnaise a chance?

  1. Healthier Skin and Hair

Whole egg mayonnaise is extremely beneficial for dry skin and hair. The contents of mayonnaise, egg and oil, make it a high source of protein which can add to the regeneration of skin, making it suppler. With this in mind, for better and more beneficial moisturizing effects, many people have applied whole egg mayonnaise directly to their skin and hair.

  1. Increase Appetite

Mayonnaise has such a unique flavor that it makes it hard to stop eating. The subtle difference in sweet and sour enhances appetite cravings and allows you to fully enjoy a salad or any meal. So, if you are looking to gain more mass, muscle, or weight, whole egg mayonnaise may be a considerable option to begin incorporating into your daily diet. Additionally, the oil content has a high palatability, making it a great and health treat for any outdoor gathering.

  1. Maintain Normal Metabolism

A big health problem around the world today is that many people are not getting their daily percentage of fat soluble vitamins. Thanks to the fat content of whole egg mayonnaise, anyone can better absorb vitamins, such as A, D, E, and K. Therefore, accompany any healthy meal such as a salad or healthy smoothie with whole egg mayonnaise on wheat bread, and you will be able to absorb all healthy vitamins easily. You can even begin switching in whole egg mayonnaise as a supplement for many other ingredients, like an egg in cakes.

  1. Maintain Strong Bones

Every knows the importance of maintaining strong bones; however, not everyone is getting enough calcium and protein to help promote stronger bones. With whole egg mayonnaise, that’s different. Egg yolk, a necessary ingredient in whole egg mayonnaise, contains protein and high amounts of calcium, all which help maintains strong bones.

Changing Your Diet Can Change Your Life

If you are looking to make any significant health change in your life, you most likely heard that it’s all about the diet. The human diet is an incredibly powerful and often underestimated concept. While as much as people wish to deny it, their mothers and grandmas were right: “Eat your brussels sprouts and spinach – and don’t forget about your whole egg mayonnaise!” By beginning to substitute in healthy food choices to highly caloric and sugary foods, individuals can begin making strides towards changing their life. Whole egg mayonnaise is just one of the many different healthy alternatives today that can make a big difference

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