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5 Tips for Creating a Fab Bathroom

5 Tips for Creating a Fab Bathroom

A handful of smart design choices can change the look of your bathroom in an instant. Whether you’re searching for more storage space or if you want a clean, modern look, these tips can help you create a fabulous bathroom.

Go Monochrome or Go Home

Opting for a monochrome color palette can maximize the natural light that’s already present in the space and make your bathroom look even more airy. A pure white color palette, from the paint on the walls to the towels on the racks, can give your space a sophisticated, fresh look. When choosing your white paint, be sure to get a semi-gloss or gloss paint. This type of paint stands up to humidity in the bathroom and is easily cleaned.

Be Strategic About Your Lighting Plan

The bathroom is one of the most difficult places to light well. This is because small areas, like bathrooms, are prone to cast shadows. Add the many angles of light reflection cast by mirrors in the space and it becomes even more challenging. However, there’s a seemingly simple solution to lighting your bathroom. All you have to do is be strategic about your lighting plan. Consider adding sconces to the space. And, when using downlights, be sure that they are placed in the correct places to limit scary shadows. To avoid shadows, position vanity lighting close to the mirror so that the light is directed to shine into the mirror. This will allow the light to reflect back out, limiting shadows and giving you plenty of beautiful light in the bathroom.

Be Playful With Patterns

A monochrome design scheme works well in modern homes, but if you’re looking for something a bit more playful rather than museum-like, play up the color in your bathroom with patterns. There are a variety of ways that patterns can be incorporated into the bathrooms. You can add a few patterned towels into your regular lineup of neutral bath towels. Opt for a bold shower curtain or play up the bathrooms walls with a printed wallpaper.

Incorporate Savvy Storage

Nobody likes clutter. Especially when it consumes countertops, drawers and any other available space. Need a quick fix for clutter in your bathroom? Opt for a bathroom storage DIY. There are a myriad of ways to tidy up your bathroom without sacrificing any of the style. Clear the countertops by adding pull-out storage under your sink. Or, give a drawer a makeover and finally have an organized space to keep all of your hair styling tools with the simple addition of heat-safe canisters.

Get Green

You don’t have to have a green thumb. A range of house plants, or “shower plants” thrive in this area of the home. Not only can indoor plants help with the air quality in your home, greenery can give your bathroom a luxury, spa-like feeling. Additionally, plants are said to increase energy and can give us a feeling of vitality. Plants like staghorn ferns thrive in humid areas, which makes them a great addition to the bathroom. When adding shower plants to your bathroom, be sure that they are placed in an area where they will not get covered with soap and have exposure to natural light.

With these bathroom styling tips your own bathroom can look like it was taken straight from the pages of a luxury home design magazine

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