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6 Critical Ways To Enjoy Outdoors Without Getting Hurt By Direct Sunlight

6 Critical Ways To Enjoy Outdoors Without Getting Hurt By Direct Sunlight

After being holed up indoors for a long time following cold and winter days, nobody would say no to an outdoor day full of sun. Summer is always the favorite season for everyone to enjoy outdoors as best as you can.

Outdoors during summer can be so much fun coupled up by good company. You get to enjoy the sun and the beautiful beaches not forgetting your favorite afternoons of swimming. Family outings becomes rampant and you get to dress lightly.

As much as you all look out for the sun, it becomes too much when you sit or lie directly under it. You become sunburned which hurts and do not want to be under it anymore. You cannot just lock yourself indoors again because of the sunburns cos you will miss the best moments. So what do you do?

Ways to enjoy outdoors with the sun shining without getting sunburned

  • Enjoy the nature parks that have plenty of trees – Plenty of trees means that you can enjoy part of sunlight as well as some shade. You can opt to sit directly under the sun and when too hot take cover under the trees. Most parks have beautiful grass to sit or lie down, you just need to bring your picnic cloth, some snacks and a great company.
  • Go swimming – Absorbing the vitamin from the sun as you swim is enjoyable. Swimming allows you to get the sun burn you as you cool yourself down in water. This is a great way to enjoy the morning sun but not the afternoon one that may be too hot and might cause serious damage to your skin.
  • Invest in Shade sails – Shade sails allows you to comfortably enjoy the sun while shielded from its direct rays. If you are hosting a party at home during summer and you want your guests to enjoy the sun out there, a shade sail like shade sails Adelaide is the way to go.
  • Use a lot of sun screen lotions on your skin- It is one thing to go out there armed and protected and it is another just allowing the sun to burn you with its harsh rays. Your body can only take little bouts of sun every day, overexposing it means you are causing damage to your skin especially if it’s not protected with the sunscreen.
  • Schedule your outdoor activities in the morning – The morning sun is friendly but as the day goes on, the sun becomes hotter. If you need to be outdoors for some errands better to schedule them in the morning only and be back indoors when it begins to heat up.
  • Wear appropriate clothing – Hats and sun glasses are important during this summer heat season. They protect your eyes from damage from direct sunlight. Investing in the right pair of sunglasses ensures that your eyes are protected both from the sun and eye damage that comes from poor quality sun glasses.



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