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6 Tips for Selecting a Good Charter for Your Fishing Trips

6 Tips for Selecting a Good Charter for Your Fishing Trips

If you’re on vacation and are trying to learn how to fish like a pro, having the right fishing boat charter can make the difference between a remarkable fishing trip and a nightmare from which there is simply no waking. The following are some tips to help you assess different boat charters so that you end up with the boat that will give you best service depending on your own requirements.

  1. Cheap can be expensive

The last thing you want to think about when looking for a charter is money. If money is all you’re thinking about, you just might end up in the hands of the many unbonded, untrained and unlicensed fishing guides who also happen to be the cheapest option. If you see a charter that’s much lower in cost than most of the others you’ve seen, you might want to ask the boat captain to give you their credentials and license numbers so that you can double-check. They should be members of their local guides association, otherwise you need to run the other way.

  1. Online research

Before setting out on a physical excursion, visit one of the many fishing oriented forums and chat rooms where previous charter customers share experiences. This can help you to weigh quality of one service over another. Of course, take all reviews with a pinch of salt, both negative and positive, but if you notice a trend in what customers are saying, there’s probably a lot of truth to their words.

  1. Assess your captain

It is possible to be on a slower, smaller and/or older boat and still have a great time, because the most important factor to assess is the captain of the boat. If you have a surly or boring captain, you probably won’t have a good time, regardless of the luxuries and extras available on their boat. Try to look for someone with whom you strike an easy rapport.

  1. Use resort or cruise contacts

If you’re living in a resort or travelling in a cruise, try to ask them for their contacts for fishing charters near Virginia Beach. It is unlikely that reputable organizations will connect you with a sub-par service. This is especially important if you’re on a cruise, because if you use outside vendors, the ship may leave you behind in case you have delays. Their preferred service will probably have a system to reconnect you with the cruise in case of mishaps. Be sure to ask about this ahead of time.

  1. Ask about techniques

Different boat charters offer different fishing techniques/tactics: there are boats that troll while others light tackle. Occasionally, you may find one that does both. Unless you’re looking to try something new, be sure to ask which technique they apply so you pick a familiar one.

  1. Ask about keep versus release

Finally, some boats have a catch and keep motto; they kill all catches and they sell all or some. Others consider fish caught on your charter as your property, while others only advocate for catch and release. You need to ask about this beforehand to prevent any shockers once you’re at sea.


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