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7 Useful Mac Hacks for Beginners

7 Useful Mac Hacks for Beginners

Mac is the versatile and most powerful device in today’s market. There are myriad features available in Mac from taking screenshots to using Emojis. In this post, check out the Mac hacks for beginners.

  1. Taking the Screenshots

Screenshots on the Mac are very helpful and there are three ways on how to capture a screenshot.

  1. Command + Shift +4 – Through this, you can take an exact screenshot and capture the area according to your requirement.
  2. Command + Shift +4- Use the following keys along with the spacebar to take the shot of entire window on your Mac.
  3. Command + Shift +3- It helps in taking the screenshot of the entire desktop and you will also get the file for every display connected while taking the screenshot.
  4. Using the Calculator

If you want to quickly calculate something then you can quickly launch the calculator as the spotlight. All you need to do is pressing command+ spacebar and type the math problem. When you want to exit out and return what you were doing then hit Esc and you will be back on the window you were doing before calculating.

  1. Use Emojis

Emojis are the best way to express the emotions. You can easily access the emojis by hitting the command + Control + Spacebar. The main disadvantage is it doesn’t work for every text entry field but can be used for texting and be emailing. You will see the triangle when emojis doesn’t show correctly.

  1. Cleaning up hard drive

It is important to clean the hard drive to avoid slowness and errors if it is used more than 85%. Here are the quick ways on how to clean up a Mac hard drive.

  1. Delete files from your Mac- You can quickly delete the files by using the command+ Delete keys and move the files to trash. If you want to clean the trash, simply type Command + Shift + Delete and then there will be no more files.
  2. Move the files to an external device or hard drive or store in the cloud.
  3. You can also install second hard drive if your disk is full.

You can check the disk capacity by hovering on the Dock which is at the bottom of the Mac screen and open finder. Click the finder at the top of the Mac screen and then select the preferences. Now the window opens with the hard disk.

  1. Move the Dock

First of all, hit Command + Option + D to hide or type again to show the Dock. In case you have two monitors, then move the dock to another display. For displaying dock, move the mouse and hold the cursor at the bottom location of the Mac screen. By performing this, dock jump over to the new display and doesn’t change until you do the same action again.

  1. Accessing Dictionary

You can check the meaning of any word not known to you by using quickly the spotlight. For checking the meaning, you have to look to the word in the question by tapping the touchpad with three fingers. This way you will get the meaning of the word by the definition as a thesaurus entry for the word. It is extremely useful for the readers and writers.

  1. Disable Notifications

Are you the one who don’t want the unwanted notifications? You can simply off all the notifications in the OS X for all the apps and websites of your Mac. Go to Today tab and disable the notifications of your Mac icon centre by turning on the “Do Not Disturb” or DND. This way notification will not bother you while doing the important tasks at the workplace. It will also help you to avoid the notification at home that disturb you every time.

Wrapping it up!

These are the important hacks that every Mac user should know as the beginner to utilize the Mac in a better way by exploring the key features.


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