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8 Top Website Plugins to Install This Year

8 Top Website Plugins to Install This Year

Running a business is hard. It’s hard even for the largest and richest of the corporations that have all the time, resources and manpower they could imagine to bring their business goals into reality.

Now imagine having to do all of that with just a tiny team, or better yet on your own? Sounds impossible, right?

Not so fast. While running a company is hard, tiring work, nobody said it was impossible. You can, in fact, start, organize, manage and maintain a successful business all on your own – you just need to have a few tricks up your sleeve.

The first of which being a simple, easy to make, easy to use, and free website. Every company needs to establish an online presence, no matter the industry it’s in. Building websites from scratch requires years of experience and a lot of time, and having it done professionally will cost you a fortune.

That’s where website builders step in. These platforms are more than just a set of design tools – they offer your website the safety, protection and responsiveness you need to provide your customers with the best possible browsing and shopping experience.

Finding the right platform isn’t all that easy. With all kinds of shady terms and conditions, constant updates and bug fixes, they have the tendency to do more damage than good. That is, unless you’re using SITE123. Not only is this incredible website builder completely free to use, but it also has a quick setup process and intuitive features. The dozens of pre made layouts you can choose from, as well as the ability to easily customize every aspect of the website’s design, make this platform a favorite among small business owners.

However, no matter how great your website is, you’re still left with doing most of the heavy lifting by yourself – managing contacts, dealing with customer service, analyzing your data, creating and implementing new business strategies, etc.

To make all of this easier and make room for more important stuff, we suggest taking a little shortcut. SITE123 has just launched its new feature – the App Market – that makes it easier for you to browse and install third-party apps to your website that will make running your business a lot easier.

Some of these plugins are free to use, while others are paid subscriptions, but most of them offer free trials you can use to see if they work for you. So, here are the 8 top website plugins you need to add to your SITE123 this year:

  1. Intercom

Intercom is a live chat app that fits beautifully into any website and makes handling communications with clients incredibly easy. By adding the Intercom widget to your website, your clients can use it to chat with a customer service representative that can aid them with any problems that might occur while shopping.

You can also set up an automated message that will greet your visitors upon landing on your site, as well as create an automated response message to let your customers know that someone on your team will shortly reach out to them in person.

  1. 123 Contact Form

Getting contact information and feedback from your customers is incredibly valuable for a small business. To make this step easier, add a hassle-free contact form to your website with 123 Contact Form.

This amazing app lets you create custom contact forms, polls, queries and submission boxes that make things like market research, customer acquisition and subscriptions much easier to manage.

  1. Privy

Privy is a fantastic marketing tool you can use if you want to collect emails from your visitors. The app lets you create beautiful custom pop ups that contain subscription or sign up boxes.

You can add the Privy app to your website with a single click, and create enticing, engaging and beautifully designed popups in their editor

  1. Cincopa

If a single image speaks louder than a thousand words, imagine the things your company could say with an entire gallery of beautiful images.

Cincopa is a great image and video gallery app you can easily add to your website from the App Market. It allows you add and curate beautiful galleries that will help you establish a strong visual identity for your brand.

If you’re in the service industry, then you probably know how exhausting managing phone calls and emails can be. Sure, writing everything down with a pen and paper works to some degree, but imagine having to write down dozens of appointments and bookings each day? is a fantastic booking app that fits perfectly into your SITE123 website. It gives your clients a quick, simple and easy way to schedule appointments or book events. The software will do most of the heavy lifting for you, and it’ll even send out email reminders to your clients so they don’t fail to show up. Managing contacts and appointments is made easy and accessible to everyone.


Whether you’re a for-profit private company, a startup or an NGO, raising funds is one of the most difficult aspects of running a business.

Donately makes raising money easy by allowing to you add a donate box to a strategic place on your website and collect funds directly from your visitors. While this is a fantastic way for charities to raise money, it can also be a much quicker and cleaner way for startups to raise funds for new and upcoming projects directly from their prospective customers, bypassing banks and investment companies.


Running an online store has never been easier thanks to Ecwid. Ecwid is an amazing app you can find in the App Market that will significantly boost your ecommerce success.

Not only does Ecwid provide you with beautiful store templates you can to your website, but it also enables easy managing of your inventory, both online and offline. What we love most about his app is that it’s fantastic for brands that do business internationally, because it calculates shipping costs based on your customer’s’ IP address.


Adding all of these apps and widgets to your website will not only make your work much easier, but it will also help attract more visitors to your website and increase your chances of turning them into paying customers.

HotJar is a great analytics app that allows you to track your visitor’s behavior – how they browse, where they click, what they look at the longest, how often they come back, etc. These are all incredibly valuable piece of information, especially if you want to focus on customer acquisition more. Find it in the App Market and give your clients exactly what they’re looking for.


You don’t need a huge team, a lot of resources, or professional help in order to take your company’s success to a whole new level. All of the help your website could ever need is conveniently located right in the App Market part of your SITE123 website.

Ready to see your business growing? Start by creating a free website and adding these amazing widgets to it.

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