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9 Features Your Foosball Table Must Have

9 Features Your Foosball Table Must Have

I love entertaining. I believe it’s my forte. But lately I feel my parties haven’t been as awesome as they once were.

After much thought, I realized that a foosball table is what I needed to buy. However it’s easier said than done.

After much research, testing and consulting family and friends I found the perfect table.

I’ve purchased a table with these nine basic, but very useful features. If you look for a table that has these features too you’ll also be happy with your purchase.

Multiple Foosball Table
Multiple foosball tables offer different surfaces for you and guests to play other games. When you remove the rods or add a cover you can play:
– Table tennis
– Air hockey
– Shuffleboard
– Bowling
– Checkers
– Backgammon

Trust me when I say that a table that can convert to a different game is always more fun. It’s entirely up to what you want the second game to be.

When I add the cover with a net I can play table tennis instead of foosball. This gives my guests a bit of a workout because they need to fetch the ball.

Counterweighted Men
Counterweighted—or counterbalanced—foosball men are when the heads and the toes are exactly the same weight. You can control the spin better. This is a must have.

After testing some tables it was frustrating when the head weighs more than the toes. When I turn the rod the men keep spinning. It takes time from the match because you need to stop the spin and reposition the men for defense.

Counterweighted men are perfect if you use the heads to block potential shots. When you turn the men upside down they will stay in that position.

The men will spin back upright as the feet have all the weight if you purchase a table without this feature.

Player Skill
Buy a table that reflects the skills of the players. There are three skill levels for foosball tables. Each skill level influences the structural component of the table.

The beginner level is for children or young adults who don’t have much skill and want a basic foosball table. This table is perfect for moderate play.

The intermediate level has smoother moving rods and durable materials to withstand plenty playing time. These tables are best for those who want to increase their skills.

The advanced level suits players who need the table to be durable and offer smooth moving rods. These tables withstand heavy and everyday use. They’re better at handling forceful types of play. can help you pick the best table based on the player’s needs.

Three vs 1 Man Goalie
There are two setups for foosball tables. It can be a one man goalie or there can be three.

These setups determine the difficulty level.

Three men goalie makes it easier to defend as there is less space for the ball to pass through. It does make it difficult to score. The one man goalie makes the game more challenging to defend but easier to score.

Adjustable Legs
Adjustable legs make the playing field fairer. You can make the table top level so the ball doesn’t skew to one side making it easier for someone to score.

You can get the whole family involved too. The kids are glad to play foosball because the table can be adjusted to their height.

Adjusting the legs is straightforward. Modern foosball tables have levers at the base of the legs which help you adjust quicker.

Side Ball Returns
Foosball tables have two ball return features:
– The ball can return to the sides where the players stand
– The ball returns on the end sides where the goal posts are positioned

Side ball returns are the better feature to have because of two reasons:
– You can position the table close to the walls as you don’t need to collect the ball from the ends.
– End ball returns sometimes causes the ball to fall onto the floor.

My guests have enjoyed this feature because it keeps the game moving. They don’t need to collect balls or feel around where they are in the end holders.

The Rods
The best type of rods your foosball table must have are steel rods. But not just any ones, they must be hollow.

These are the best option because they’re lighter and allow you to generate greater speed when you play.

Because the rods are lighter you also feel better after a match. Your hands, wrists or elbows won’t be as sore or tired as if you were playing with solid rods. These help myself and guest play for hours.

The Handles
The handles and how they’re made is also an important feature to look for. The best type of handles you must get is made from wood.

Wooden handles hold a better grip and are more effective in shooting. You can perform better that increase your chance of winning a match. Pick a handle that has a square or octagonal shape as it grips better.

Stay away from plastic handles as you’re more likely to have accidental spends because your hand may slip off.

Sticky Foosballs
The foosball must not be made of plastic or have a shiny finish. These can’t be easily pinned down against the table by the men. It’ll roll around which makes it harder for you to control the game.

Buying a foosball table is easy, however finding the ones with the best features is hard. But don’t you worry. Look for a table with these nine characteristics and you and guests will be happy forever.


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