About Problems in GI tract and Gastroenterologists

About Problems in GI tract and Gastroenterologists

Our guts are quite crucial for our body but it is the most mistreated organ system. People often do not go for a check-up for their guts and fill it with junk food and over the counter medicines. Occasional heartburn and bowel disruption isn’t seen as a problem until pain is felt. But it is actually really important to see a Gastroenterologist to help keeping the digestive system well and good and without any problem.

Common GI related issues:

  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) or acid reflux is quite common in many people. It is okay to feel heartburn sometimes but when it is persistent people should always consult a doctor.
  • Gallstones are quite a problem and often lead to the removal of gallbladder and are felt as a sharp pain in the right abdomen.
  • Celiac disease often goes unnoticed due to people not knowing about it much. People with the disease are gluten sensitive and they have to stay away from it.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a tormenting disease and affects around 15% of the world’s population. People are often given a diet change.
  • Haemorrhoids are often diagnosed with detection of fresh blood during defecation. They are treated with a fibre rich diet but may also need surgery.
  • Anal fissures are caused due to pushing hard stools. It is always advised to see a doctor when facing it.

Tips on choosing a Gastroenterologist:

  • Try to find out the best gi tract doctor near you and make sure to check their credentials. It is safe if they have their license mentioned on their site and also the board they have been certified by.
  • Get referrals from people who have visit GI doctors and talk to them about their experiences. Referrals can also be found on medical sites over the internet where people talk about their personal experiences.
  • Always go for a doctor who has experience and has treated patients. You do not want to be a test object for someone.
  • If you choose a particular doctor the see to it that they have good reviews and are compassionate to their patients. It is quite important in GI issues as patients can be ashamed of their diseases.
  • If you are a man then you may try to choose the initial doctor of your gender as they will need to check you up, the same tip also applies for a woman.
  • A crucial part is the validity of your health insurance, check out their site to see if your insurance is accepted by them.
  • If you are going to a hospital then take care of it that the hospital is well maintained and have well behaved experienced staff.

GI problems are often hidden by patients due to their vulnerable nature and also because of shame. But it is absolutely necessary to get GI tract check-ups often as you age. Maintaining a good gut always helps in keeping your body healthy and fit.


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