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After Hours Emergencies: What to do When You Have Dental Pain After Dinner

After Hours Emergencies: What to do When You Have Dental Pain After Dinner

If you are sitting down relaxing following your evening dinner and you experience a sharp pain in one or more of your teeth, there are several things you can attempt to do before calling a 24 hour dentist. If you fell and damaged your teeth because you hit your mouth on a sharp object, you might need to act more quickly to both identify the problem and seek treatment. Ignoring a problem like this could lead to unwanted tooth loss. However, for some types of tooth pain you can help to alleviate at home before going to see your dentist in the morning.

What to do with a sudden tooth ache

If you experience a tooth ache all of a sudden, reach for a glass of warm water and carefully rinse your mouth. You can also try to remove any food lodged between your teeth with dental floss. If it’s got to the point that your mouth has started to become swollen, don’t panic, but reach for a clean cloth and apply ice to it. Press the cloth firmly outside your cheek or mouth. There is a tendency to relieve the pain by placing a painkiller on the gum. You shouldn’t do this as it could be double punishment to your already painful gum by burning it slightly. Don’t delay in the morning but book a consultation with your dentist.

What to do with a chipped or broken tooth

If you were eating on something hard and you chipped off a piece of tooth into the process, keep the pieces. You should rinse your mouth with warm water and ensure you have collected all the broken bits. If bleeding can be seen get some gauze and press it onto the area until the bleeding has stopped. Now apply a cold compress onto the mouth, lip or cheek outside and close to the chipped or broken tooth in order to keep at bay any swelling while also relieving any pain.

What to do when a tooth is knocked out

If you without any forewarning knock out a tooth, hold onto it by using the crown and thoroughly rinse off the root of the tooth with water if you think it’s dirty. If it’s remotely possible, attempt to place the tooth into its correct place ensuring it has been put in the right way round. If you find this is practically impossible, place the tooth into a small cup of milk or a product like Save-a-Tooth. This helps to promote cell growth before you see your dentist. It is really best to see your usual dentist as soon as possible as teeth that have been knocked out have the greatest chance of being saved if they are put back in their socket within an hour of the incident.

The best thing to do if you experience sudden tooth pain is not to panic but follow the suggestions above and then see your dentist in the morning. If sleep is impossible or your cheek has swollen up quickly call the 24 hour dentist and arrange a consultation immediately.



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