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Alkaline Water vs Bottled Water

Alkaline Water vs Bottled Water

Bottled alkaline water that is found in stores and alkaline water that ionizing machines produce are basically the same product – water that has a slightly different composition. Fundamentally, alkaline water has miraculous properties that are said to boost the health of consumers.

It is an undeniable fact as alkaline water does contain the necessary minerals and nutrients to be perceived as a superior choice when compared to regular tap or bottled water. Nonetheless, the question remains: under what form should you consume it? Is it better to install a water ionizer that will deliver alkaline water, or buy bottled water straight from the store or the online environment?

Is Bottled Water Toxic?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is yes. Before water ends up in the bottles, it is passed through a purification process. The bad news is that during the process of purifying the contaminants and any type of residue, minerals are removed as well. Thus, the bottled water you consume doesn’t bring its contribution when it comes to your daily mineral and nutrient intake.

Additionally, as there is a lack of nutrients, the water will start dissolving what it touches. In a plastic bottle recipient, it will end up absorbing all the chemicals. What’s even worse is that exposure to heat or light is going to increase the chemical absorption rate. To put it in simpler words, you’ll be drinking toxic water. The long-term health effects can be quite damaging, so you can’t neglect this aspect.

Alkaline Water

Possibility of Consuming Alkaline Water on Demand

There is an easily explainable reasoning to the popularity of ionizing machines – the appliances deliver alkaline water on demand. Regardless of the moment when you’re thirsty, you don’t have to check if there’s any water left as you receive it on the spot from the water ionizer. This undeniable convenience makes the machines a far better choice for daily consumption of alkaline ionized water.

saving money

What Option Helps Save Money in the Long Run?

It’s more than obvious that pricing has a major impact on your final decision. Water ionizers are one-time purchases, while bottled water is a consumable that you have to restock on periodically, depending on the quantity that you purchase. While upfront the ionizing machine does cost more, the overall costs of buying bottled alkaline water vastly outweigh that initial investment.

If you decide to continue purchasing the water, statistically, you will end up paying more than $1000 per year. On the other hand, you spend money on the water ionizer once and receive a lifetime supply of ionized water on demand without any real additional costs. Thus, the best choice is obvious from this point of view.

Sure, we can’t overlook the maintenance aspect when it comes to the ionizing machines. But considering that more expensive products come with lifetime warranties, being fully covered against defects, you won’t actually spend money on maintenance tasks and part replacements.

Is There a Difference in Taste?

Although you are basically drinking the same thing, there is quite a difference between water received from the ionizing machine as opposed to bottled water. As aforementioned, the plastic recipient that is the bottle, combined with the lack of minerals in the water that has been passed through a cleansing process leads to chemical absorption by the liquid.

Absorbing the chemicals, bottled water changes its basic texture, and thus its taste as well. In comparison to the pure, on the spot processed water provided by the machine, it pales. Clearly, there’s a richer taste and more health benefits to be enjoyed when using the water ionizing appliance.


How the Environment is Impacted

Plastic bottle waste is one of the biggest issues in our modern world. Although there are many actions being taken to reduce pollution, as long as people continue to buy plastic water bottles and carelessly dispose of them, the situation won’t be fixed. In conclusion, when you purchase bottled water, you inevitably play a role in damaging the environment.

Worst of all, there’s the element of carbon footprint to take into consideration. After all, you have to wonder what it takes for the water bottle to reach the store’s shelf – how much gas was consumed on transportation, how many harmful emissions have been released, and so on.

Alkaline Water

Provenance Verdict – What’s the Best Source?

A sole conclusion can be drawn after reading, and it’s an obvious one – alkaline water produced on demand by the ionizing machine is a smarter, healthier, and safer option for you as opposed to bottled alkaline water. From the pricing, environmental, and direct impact points of view, ionizers deliver higher quality water. Therefore, the ideal source remains the water ionizing appliance, despite its more expensive price upfront.

Bottled water offers mineral nutrition, while alkaline water delivers better hydration and a plethora of essential nutrients. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to make a clear choice between the two. In this article, we will pin alkaline water against bottled water so that you’ll have a clearer understanding of what type is better and why.


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