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Beauty Re-Sculptured: Facebook Setting New Facelift Trend on Fire

Beauty Re-Sculptured: Facebook Setting New Facelift Trend on Fire

Beauty is constantly redefined due to cultural changes. For example, mass media has definitely changed beauty standards for decades. Regular print and televised media is no longer the only type of media creating waves within the world of beauty because social media has definitely cemented its power amongst people. More women are interested in creating the perfect Facebook selfie, which is driving many to cosmetic specialists.

Why Beauty Matters?

It is easy to believe that women who care about beauty are vain or self-centered. Both of these words carry negative connotations, which are pretty unfair.

No one is saying that a person who cares about beauty cannot be vain or self-centered, but beauty is much more than that. Beauty not only helps a woman feel confident about themselves, but it also has the power to improve their self-esteem.

The following are the areas that positive self-esteem has shown some improvement:

Behavioral Issues

Researchers noticed that there is a link between low self-esteem and behavioral issues, such as delinquency and aggression. No one wants to be prone to these kinds of issues, which seems to be the result of not reversing low self-esteem.

Overall Health

This one might seem over the top, but researchers found that those with self-esteem problems may be more likely to suffer from different physical issues. Some may not have the drive to exercise or eat well, which could lead to obesity. Others may develop depression, which has been shown to weaken the immune system.

It is clear to see why something like cosmetic surgery in Sydney can be more important than some imagine it to be. Taking steps to improve self-image and self-esteem have several positive outcomes beyond what was previously mentioned.

All the social media platforms out there, including Facebook, probably did not know how big of an impact it might have, but it is clear that it has made more women aware of their own self-worth.

Beauty Morphed Through Facebook

Yes, Facebook has made women aware of their self-worth, which has made many take action to improve it. It is clear that women care about improving self-worth through cosmetic surgery, but how they are doing it is quite interesting.


Many women are actually looking to reshape their face so that they can take a great selfie all the time. This is not necessarily surprising since portraits and other types of photographs are no longer the norm. Women want to look great in that oh-so-famous selfie.

This is one reason why the most sought after look happens to be Megan Fox. More and more women are asking their plastic surgeon to help them achieve the picture perfect look, which happens to match the famous Transformers star. Fox’s diamond face shape exhibits high cheekbones, slim face, narrow jawline, and a narrow chin.

Women are leading the charge when it comes to self-beautification, but men are not far behind. A lot of men want to be selfie-ready, and they are doing so by taking some cues from David Beckham. His strong jawline and square shape seems to be the most popular amongst men who are trying to improve their self-worth.

There is no doubt that plastic surgery is slowly becoming acceptable. People are no longer trying to hide that they had work done but rather are proud that they have invested in their self-esteem, which is commendable.

Some of the people seeking self-beautification solutions from cosmetic specialists also do so because of the tools available to them using social media platforms like Facebook filters. These tools allow women to get a rough look at what cosmetic surgery can do for their look, which is yet another way that social media platforms, like Facebook, are leading a new beauty trend that is likely not going to stop any time soon.

It is great to know that both men and women can do something about their selfie pictures, which will end up benefiting them in other areas of their lives.


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