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Benefits of Networking for Career Growth: Advice from Freedom Financial Network

Benefits of Networking for Career Growth: Advice from Freedom Financial Network


Your professional progress may be determined by your network. Networking has been proven to be a powerful tool in the corporate and business world, yielding vital information regarding job openings, career building, and career progression. While networking is mostly free, it has been mostly misunderstood.

In its traditional sense, networking involved exchanging business cards or talking to people about your profession. It can be an awkward and time-consuming exercise, but the results are usually worth the while. However, networking has become more dynamic in 2017. It’s now more about building valuable relationships with people you know and with potential contacts in your professional career. Like-minded individuals with whom you share similar ideas can be a vital source of information. Today, having an active career circle is essential toward honing your professional and relationship skills. So now that you are interested in creating a valuable network, where can you start looking?

How to Identify a Network

With the right kind of network, you can be on track to open an unlimited vault of opportunities. Networks help you grow professionally. For most professionals, networking has become an essential part of their careers. Producing top quality work is no longer enough; it’s more about whom you know. Use these ideas to identify a potential network in the modern professional scene.

  1. Professional Associations

Professional associations are excellent platforms to network with business people. Most of these associations have opportunities for all levels—from graduates to senior professionals. You can get useful insight from these associations about higher education prospects, career information, and industry advice relating to your job.

  1. Community Organizations

Starting at the community level can be the first step towards building a viable network circle. Think of the valuable connections you can build from your church, local sports team, or volunteer group.

  1. Social Media

Online groups offer one of the best platforms to network. If you are on LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter, your friends could be the network that you need. The trick is to learn how to leverage these online tools to your benefit.

  1. Career Groups

Career groups offer members potential job leads and career advice. Use these groups to learn about available job opportunities and potential employers such as Freedom Financial Network.

Let Your Network Work for You

Learn to use your network to your benefit. Every time you meet people within your network circle, listen keenly and ask useful questions that will help you learn more about them. Be genuinely interested in their career, interests, and future prospects. Always be open to learning new things.

Personal Benefits

A productive network can bring about job opportunities, help you locate a professional mentor, and give you vital career tips for your progression. Investing your time to create the right network will have short- and long-term benefits on your career.

Employer Benefits

One of the greatest advantages of a working network to an employer is referrals. A person referred by a trusted contact person has a better chance of getting the job than someone without a representative. Organizations look to tap the best talent. Having a working network helps companies such as Freedom Debt Relief to source the best talent and retain people who relate to the organization’s goals.

Freedom Financial Network

The companies in the Freedom Financial Network could help individuals reduce debt, access financial education, and achieve financial freedom through various services including debt settlement. Founded in 2002, the company has managed to help many people resolve debt using simple measures designed for most types of debt. For people who are paying multiple creditors, the Freedom Debt Relief debt program could be the best option. This method is flexible and offers clients an opportunity to have predictable monthly payments instead of irregular payments to different creditors.

Comprehensive Financial Solutions

Freedom Financial Network has a stable of companies that includes FreedomPlus, Consolidation Plus,, and Freedom Debt Relief. FreedomPlus is a company that offers loans and helps individuals access the loans within a short time. When you apply for a loan at FreedomPlus, you will be taken through easy steps leading to getting the loan in just 48 hours. FreedomPlus believes that getting a loan should be personal. That’s why the company has loan consultants ready to talk to clients, guiding them each step of the loan process. At FreedomPlus, clients are guaranteed that there are no hidden fees, no prepayment fees, and that the rates will not change.

Freedom Financial Network is committed to the financial freedom of its clients. Companies in its network offer various solutions on mortgage, loans, and debt settlement. When it comes to debt settlement, Freedom Debt Relief has a unique product that has helped many clients. When paying different creditors, debt settlement offers a convenient method of consolidating multiple debts, reducing the amount owed on the debt, and paying it off from a single financial facility.


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