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Benefits of Using Telescopic Fishing Rod

Benefits of Using Telescopic Fishing Rod

Fishing is not only a necessity but has increasingly became an interesting extracurricular activity in the past few years. However, in order to make the most out of your fishing experience, you must have the right equipment and skills to catch utmost amount of fish.

When it comes to fishing tackle, fishing rods are crucially important due to its role in angling. If the rod is rightly selected, it can help you get the best wish with least effort. Fortunately market is full of fishing rods. Each rod has its own unique feature working in a distinctive manner. They are used for different fishing areas. Amongst them, telescopic fishing rod is a preferable choice for professional and amateur anglers. Compared to handheld fishing rods, it has a lot of benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Flexibility

Review on telescopic fishing rod has proved that it has endless benefits. Flexibility is one of them. It is not only used for fishing at the bottom but can also be casted to distance waters. Not only it can be used in sunshine but fishermen activating themselves at night time also prefer this equipment. It operates for bomb shackle as well as gang hook.

  1. Can cast far

The casting far feature is ideal for fishermen. It supports adequate storage line, weight and bait group. It is easier to throw far away from the shore and experienced anglers even throw the fishing line hundreds of meters away. This increases the possibility of capturing large fish since large fish mostly live in deep water or far away from the shore.

  1. Convenience

Telescopic fishing rod can be very convenient to fishermen. They are designed in a way to collapse down to a shorter length and open to a long rod. This makes the rod easier to carry to remote locations and travel on compact vehicles. The material used to produce these rods are same as conventional pieces. Substances like graphite, carbon and fiberglass are used to make it more powerful.

  1. Powerful luring ability

Telescopic fishing rod functions with bomb shackle. This bait is big in size which increases the number of hooks used to about six till eight. The powerful fishing bait doesn’t let the fish go away. It even takes the bait to be consumed in a long time giving fishermen a higher reaction time. More number of fishing hooks allow a larger chance of landing the fish.

However each and everything comes with downsides. The design used by telescopic rods make them a vulnerable option. It can be damaged easily. They are an ideal choice for camping but they are not as strong as traditional rods. Even though there are good quality telescopic rods in the market, the durability conventional rods offer cannot be matched. Nevertheless, these are considered still the best option for people who want portable fishing poles. If they are dealt with care, they can last longer and serve the purpose they are made for.


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