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By The DivaGals

Just in time to ring in the fall, our favorite gals at Crier PR threw the “We’re Bringing Sexy Back: How to Look & Feel Sexy Anytime, Anywhere” beauty event in the penthouse of the Royalton Hotel on 44th Street, to introduce us to some must-have products for the season. Here are a few of our favorites!

Luxe Gal raved over  Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic. It offered “sweet” relief and hydrating moisture for my annoying dry skin patches in less time than the pharmaceuticals offered me. FYI ladies, Medicine Mama’s product line includes a balm V Magic for your sensitive naughty region. Hey, every body part deserves to be pampered!
We met Manna Kadar, creator of Manna Kader Cosmetics. TV DivaGal took Manna’s advice to use her Camera Ready Foundation Primer on its own to give the skin a clear, matte finish, and it worked! Our honorary DivaGal Malinda Knowles, an aspiring fashionista, actually got a mini-makeover from Manna, who popped up her eyes and gave her a violet lip – a perfect look for the cooler months.

Image Gal was the bravest of us all, trying Erchonia’s Zerona body-contouring laser treatment. “My fellow DivaGals know that I will do anything, suffer anything, try anything for beauty,” she shares. So, when at the event and saw the shiny new red laser contraption that reportedly shrinks fat cells I had to try it. Better yet, no pain required, I relaxed comfortably while the laser went to work on my arm fat! (There is also a full body machine). I didn’t feel a thing. Twenty minutes for each arm produced an instant result for me. This morning, I woke up to arms that were a little firmer with a little less fat. Multiple treatments, when combined with diet and exercise, produce better, safer results than going under the knife. As someone who has actually been under the knife, I can only say I wish I had known about this treatment several years ago!

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