Best Selling Author and Neuroscientist, Daniel Amen, MD and Nutrition Expert, Tana Amen launch their latest books at the home of Kevin McGovern

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Daniel Amen, MD and his wife Tana Amen presented their new books, “Unleash the Power of the Female Brain” and “The Omni Diet” at the home of business leader and philanthropist, Kevin McGovern who founded several world category leaders including Sobe Beverages, Brita, Pur, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, among others. Elite members from the Medical, Entrepreneurial and Artistic world’s assembled including Sara Herbert Galloway, Judy Kuriansky, PhD, Robert Cancro, MD, Sandlin Lowe, MD, Jim Luce, Barbara Meister Bender, David Bender, among others.

Kevin McGovern stated that he believes in promoting a more healthy life and hopes to contribute to the betterment of society through his Water Initiative.  Kevin believes in the importance of healthy, clean water and Dr. Amen believes in the importance of a healthy, balanced brain so their missions are not dissimilar.

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Daniel Amen, MD, is one of the world’s leading experts on the how the brain works and the bestselling author of over thirty books on the brain and brain health. Now, for the first time, Dr .Amen devotes an entire book to the female brain, offering insight on the unique characteristics and need of a woman’s brain in “Unleash the Power of the Female Brain” (February 12, 2013, Harmony Books)., a practical prescriptive program targeted specifically for women to help them thrive.

Based on research from his clinical practice, Dr. Amen’s breakthrough guide addresses the issues women ask about the most including fertility, pregnancy, menopause, weight, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and relationships. “Unleash the Power of the Female Brain” is a step-by-step program for women that will help them achieve greater health, energy, and lasting happiness by harnessing the power of their very unique brains.

Dr. Amen said he wrote the book to honor the women in his life and help them harness their unique strengths and overcome some of their vulnerabilities. He has 5 sisters, 3 daughters, 2 granddaughters, and 14 nieces.

According to Dr. Amen, women make great leaders, “Women like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Mother Teresa, and Margaret Thatcher demonstrate what we learned in this study , and that the female brain has strengths n the areas of empathy, intuition, collaboration,

Susan Haeger, Dr Sandy Lowe, Dr Judy Kuriansky, Lorraine Cancro Photo by Annie Watt
Errol Rappaport, Lorraine Cancro, Sara Herbert Galloway, Daniela Zahradnikova Photo by Annie Watt

self-control, and appropriate worry — all traits of outstanding leaders.”

By the time Daniel Amen’s better half reached her mid-30’s, she had experienced a lifetime of chronic medical ailments, including severe digestive issues, recurrent infections and most devastatingly, a battle with thyroid cancer in her early 20’s. Tana Amen B.S.N, R.N was bluntly told by

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a doctor that she had been death a bad genetic hand and needed to simply resign herself to a lifetime of fragile health and prescription medications. Tana replied, “no way.”

THE OMNI DIET: the revolutionary  70% and 30% protein program to lose weight, reverse disease, fight in- one that could provide true health through an abundance of food and flavor, not deprivation. Tana asks her readers to do for them what she managed to do for herself. “Give me two weeks, and I will change your life.” Based on her study inflammation, and change your life forever is the culmination of a decade long quest by Tana Amen to restore her own health, and to identify the diet to end all diets- one that could provide true health through an abundance of food and flavor, not deprivation.

As a sought-after nutrition expert, former neurosurgical ICU nurse and wife of renowned “brain doctor” Daniel G. Amen, M.D., Tana turned her unhealthy life around. After (like many of us) being raised on a diet dominated by processed foods and fatty snacks, trying countless diets to win back her health and optimum weight, she discovered the powerful connection between food and wellness which she spells out in this genuinely life-changing book.

“The Omni Diet”  is not only based in groundbreaking genetic research, but also on Tana’s work guiding herself as well as thousands of people who lost a total of 250,000 pounds

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following the amazing “Daniel Plan.  Simply put, THE OMNI DIT unlocks the healing power of food, and provides a revolutionary, easy-to-follow program that will change our lives forever.

Mark Hyman, MD, # 1 New York Times bestselling authors, states “The Omni Diet” cuts through the confusion about what to eat and gives America a roadmap to good food and health all at once. It may seem too good to be true, but following this approach will not only enhance and extend your life – it will reverse many chronic diseases.”

The latest Amen Clinic launched in New York last Fall in midtown Manhattan.  Located at 16 East 40th Street, literally a stone’s throw away from the august New York Public Library, the clinic occupies the entire ninth floor. The clinic offers innovative methods for evaluating and treating patients for a wide variety of behavioral, learning and emotional problems for children, teens and adults.

“I belong to the only group of doctors that never looks at the organ they treat,” stated Dr. Amen. He is, of course, referring to psychiatrists, and the organ is, of course, the brain. Different from fMRIs which provide pictures of the brain, SPECT (Single Photon Emission

Doug Dechert , Suzanna Bowling Photo by Annie Watt

Computed Tomography) imaging looks at how the brain functions. Imaging the brain’s blood flow levels helps identify areas of your brain that work well, areas of your brain that work too hard, and areas of the brain that do not work hard enough. SPECT gives us a picture of a living brain so we can better target treatment. SPECT changes the diagnosis or treatment plan in 79% of the cases.

The Amen Clinics utilizes high resolution brain SPECT imaging, a widely accepted nuclear medicine procedure, which provides objective measures which when combined with a thorough clinical assessment improve the diagnoses and target treatment.  Amen Clinics has developed a highly effective method for applying this technology in clinical practice.

Manuel Trujillo, MD, Chief Psychiatrist, “Much research has accumulated over the last decades about neuroimaging findings in psychiatric disorders. What is needed now is to build bridges to bring such discoveries to the bedside. Dr. Daniel Amen deserves great credit for a solitary ( and much criticized ) exploration of the gap between research and clinical practice. Based on his  unsurpassed experience ( he has built database of more than 70 thousand SPECT brain scans ) and his clinical wisdom, Dr. Amen has developed road-maps to bridge those gaps. I have no question that in a few years brain scanning will be routine in psychiatric practice and Dr. Amen deserves a lot of credit for leading the way.”

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Sandlin Lowe, MD, one of the lead psychiatrists who evaluates patients at the New York Amen Clinic, stated, “Finally, the paradigm shift that psychiatry, has been looking for and so desperately needs, has come to New York.”

Dr. Amen and his team perform an individualized biopsychosocialspiritual  assessment which is composed of a detailed history,  neuropsychiatric testing, brain imaging, and targeted lab studies. All of this information allows for a more accurate and comprehensive diagnosis that then translates into a more targeted treatment. Dr. Amen and his team promote natural interventions to heal the brain including  biofeedback, hypnosis, relaxation therapy, meditation, nutritional recommendations including neutraceutical solutions such as specially formulated supplements along with more standard clinical practices.

Justin Galloway , Sara Herbert Galloway Photo by Annie Watt

Ralph DePalo, PhD, Scientific Advisor to the Global Stress Initiative states, “The Amen Clinic’s approach to diagnoses and treatment and its use of brain imaging helps decrease the stigma of psychiatric illness as patients can now see the effects of their illness on their brain. Patients see and understand that their condition is a medical not moral condition.  This helps promote adherence to treatment.”

Over the course of 21 years, the six Amen Clinics, across the United States, have utilized and evaluated over 73,000 brain SPECT scans of patients from over 90 countries, compiling the world’s largest database of brain scans for behavioral problems. In a recent six-month outcome study, with 500 Amen Clinics’ patients of varying ages and locations, 75% showed significant improvement in their condition and 85% reported improved quality of life after implementing their personalized Amen Clinic’s protocols. This wealth of knowledge and experience has gained Amen Clinics an unparalleled international reputation.

Judy Kurinasky, PhD, a Clinical Psychologist affiliated at Columbia University Teacher’s College and the main representative of the International Association of Applied Psychology for the United Nation states: “What the Amen Clinics is doing is brilliant. It can help a lot of people and already has. The method, professionalism, and comprehensive treatment approach offers healing opportunities to diverse hurting populations.”

Cindy Marinangel, Errol Rappaport, Kevin McGovernapproach offers healing opportunities to diverse hurting populations." Photo by Annie Watt


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