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Best Ways to Promote YouTube Videos For Higher Traffic

Best Ways to Promote YouTube Videos For Higher Traffic

Every Youtuber wants higher traffic on their channel for the sake of earning. The amount of traffic is influenced by tons of factors; however, promotion and marketing are the main deal these days. Your videos might be top-notch and interesting, but you just cannot expect high traffic unless your advertising and marketing strategy is up to the mark.

If you manage to promote your YouTube videos in an effective manner, you’ll experience high traffic on your channel, resulting in soaring levels of earning.

Here are the best ways to promote your YouTube videos for higher traffic.

Keep a Killer Video Title

The mere title of a YouTube video influences the traffic a lot. The title is more or less the identity of a video and contributes a great deal in bringing traffic towards your video.

The title of a video should be catchy initially. It should grab the visitor’s’ attention instantly, impelling them to click on the video.

Before adding a title to your video, it is strongly advised to conduct an informal keyword research and base your entire title around it, to bring maximum YouTube views.

Ideally, you should keep your titles short and composed. You must express everything within 8-10 words, to make it interesting. Your title should be to the point, expressing the theme of the video in an interesting manner.

Moreover, you can also use power words and emotional triggers to maximize the user engagement on your videos.

Here’s a cheeky little trick to attract maximum audience towards your videos. You can use click-bait titles for your videos, which will surely boost the traffic on your videos. Clickbaits are titles that exaggerate the climax of the video or make a bold/false claim about something extremely fascinating happening in the video, which might not even be true.

Not to forget that clickbaits are kind of unethical and may leave your audience disappointed but if you’re ready to risk your integrity for it, clickbait titles are certainly worth trying.

Promote Via Social Media

Promoting your Youtube videos through Social networking platforms is extremely effective these days. Social media has become extremely influential and engaging hence you can drive a lot of traffic towards your videos by sharing them over social media.

The most significant social networking platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can either share your videos on your profile or leverage Instagram and Facebook’s promotional tools to promote your videos in front of large and diverse audiences.

A pro tip, in this case, is to leverage the IFTTT + Buffer integration to get your videos shared on your social media page automatically, as soon as you upload them.

Add that Shareable Element in Your Videos

Now, this is extremely important and useful. If you’re seeking large and diverse traffic on your videos, you must create videos that are shareable. You can try and make your videos entertaining, educational or catchy. Viewers are more likely to share videos with these characteristics with their friends and family.

Create SEO Optimized Videos

By now, you must be tired of references to SEO appearing in every other article, but believe me, it’s that important. Search engine optimized videos will get way more traffic than usual videos. Just imagine how much traffic would a video get if it appears in the top search results on Google/YouTube search.

Subsequently, optimizing your videos for search engines is extremely fruitful, and you’ll see the results almost instantly.

Using keywords in the title, description and tags is the key to SEO for YouTube videos. Initially, you’re required to research the best keywords for your videos. Once you’ve got a list of the most influential keywords for your videos, you can base your video title, description, and tags around those keywords, resulting in highly optimized videos for search engines. This will surely bring high traffic to your videos.

Use Effective CTAs

CTAs are extremely effective when it comes to marketing and promotion. A CTA or Call-To-Action prompts users to undertake a task. You can insert effective CTAs in the beginning, end or description section of your videos to urge your audience to like and share your videos, resulting in higher traffic.

Collaborate with Influencers

Influencer marketing is the new word-to-mouth marketing. Influencers are the trusted personalities of industry who are followed and heard by significantly large audiences. Their opinions and statements for their respective industry are of great value hence collaborating with influencers to promote your YouTube video is quite rewarding.

You can initiate campaigns or joint-ventures, as part of your collaboration with influencers and attract a large community towards your channel.

While we’re at it, it is worth mentioning that you must select the right influencers to work with or your efforts and resources could go all in vain.

If a valid combination of the above-mentioned methods is integrated into your YouTube marketing strategy, you can expect high traffic on your channel and videos.


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