Biometric Singer Verification


“My View” written by Stephen Sorokoff

There are billions of vocal chords in this world.  They are all different and technology, based on an individual’s vocal physiology and behavior, is now being used to validate a person’s identity.  It’s expensive stuff.  One thing for sure, it’s not needed to verify that Steve Tyrell is singing.


The uniqueness of his “vocal physiology and behavior” has resulted in this Grammy Award-winning singer amassing a huge following.  When you are at a Steve Tyrell show you will always hear tunes you love, lyrics you love and, as a matter of fact, you will fall in love all over again with the girl you’re with.

To me, watching Regis & Joy Philbin (married 42 years) holding hands while listening to Steve represented what makes Tyrell so great.  He moves you, makes you feel good with his style, personality, and musicianship. His choice of material is always impeccable and is the result of a lifetime of work in the studio as a record producer, collaborating with some of the most famous singers of our time.  This show Steve + Sammy (Cahn)= Holiday Heaven at The Café Carlyle is just one more example of greatness of Steve’s “vocal physiology and behavior”.

 I knew I would be in for a superb evening of music when I saw Dave Finck in the lobby of The Carlyle.  He’s one of the best bassists around, however, he didn’t take the stage.  Dave wrote and directed this show and, with music arrangements by Alan Broadbent, Bob Mann, John Oddo and Don Sebesky, the Cafe Carlyle is the place to be for an evening of great music and entertainment.

Steve Tyrell at Cafe Carlyle   November 27-December 31




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