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Celebrities Who Worked In Construction Before They Were Famous

Celebrities Who Worked In Construction Before They Were Famous

When seeing your favourite celebrities appear in the media, it’s easy to forget about their past and how they managed to get to where they are today. A lot of well-known actors and music stars today actually had careers within the construction industry, working with a rock breaker as well as laying bricks on site. If you’re feeling uninspired and you’re at your wits-end about your job, you never know! You could make it big like these celebrities.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Famous for his leading roles in the Terminator franchise, Arnold didn’t have such a luxury lifestyle before his acting career. Instead, you could find Arnold laying bricks whilst trying to become a world-famous bodybuilder. His bodybuilding friend and him built their own construction business from scratch in 1968, called ‘Speciality European Bricklayers’. It’s safe to say that whilst he didn’t quite achieve his bodybuilding goal, he still managed to be loved across the world for his incredible acting scenes.

Joe Manganiello

Joe is known for all different acting roles, as he was the star of Magic Mike as well as playing Alcide Herveaux in True Blood. Before his stardom, however, Joe had an in-depth career in the construction industry. Before raking in millions from his acting career, Joe shovelled sand and gravel in order to pay the bills. Whilst it hurt him greatly when labouring, I think most people would agree that it definitely payed off! His time as a construction worker inspired him to become fit and healthy, giving him his lean body.

Whoopi Goldberg

You might not have expected a female on this list, but before her big break, Whoopi also worked as a bricklayer. There is a strong international love for Whoopi, but if it wasn’t for her work in the construction industry, she may not be where she is today. It seems that she has an array of talents too, as not only is Whoopi an incredible actress, but she was also invited to join the bricklayer’s union because of her high-quality work. In fact, Whoopi helped to build the wall around San Diego Zoo!

Sean Connery

Playing a role like James Bond is guaranteed to fool an audience that you always live a life of luxury. However, even though Sean played the role of Bond perfectly in the movies, life before acting wasn’t as glamorous for him. In fact, Connery was a frequent labourer, laying bricks and even working as a coffin polisher at one stage! Due to his hard work and determination though, Sean was able to work his way up in the world, leading towards his prestige acting status.

Ozzy Osbourne

Whilst Ozzy is known for heavy rock music, he used to be known for working with a lot of rocks as well! When leaving school at just 15, Ozzy worked on a construction site and also inside an abattoir! He actually had a whole range of different roles, including working in a slaughterhouse! We have known Ozzy as the lead singer of Black Sabbath for so long that it’s easy to disregard his life before heavy metal.

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