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Common Fashion Mistakes Made By Girls in Their Teens

Common Fashion Mistakes Made By Girls in Their Teens

There is a dramatic change in the way you dress up as you grow up. Your style quotient keeps fluctuating between your middle school days and finally, college. Every girl gets involved in a few unfortunate clothing choices. Every girl has them. But if you are able to avoid these usual fashion mistakes, you would be able to create your own unique style minus any major clothing regrets. Let us explore some of the common fashion mistakes made by girls in their teen years.

Mistake No.1: You Buy All the Latest Trendy Collection

You are in the habit of spending a fortune for buying all the latest trendy outfits and accessories. This is a major fashion mistake because the fashion circuit is a truly dynamic one. If you are constantly investing in fast trends which are bound to go out of vogue the very next season, you would be ending up with a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories you could never actually wear. You are simply wasting a lot of money in the process. The idea is to balance some new trendy outfits each season with a few classic items that could be worn forever. A pair of blue jeans or a smart dress could be teamed with any complementary shrugs and accessories. You could try out the Bookish Socks for creating a unique style.

Mistake No.2: You Buy & Wear Outfits that Your Friends Wear

This is a gross fashion mistake made by girls in their teens. Most teenagers like to wear whatever their bosom friends are wearing even though those clothes do not complement their looks or style. It could be a comforting thought to turn up dressed like everyone else at school. But don’t you think it is a greater fun to be what you are and come dressed as per your unique style. Be the head turner. Stand out from the rest in clothes of your style. You would look smart and confident. You must always consider creating your own unique style.

Mistake No.3: You Are in a Rebellious Mood & Wish to Wear Outfits that Your Parents Do Not Approve of

You make the mistake of wearing outfits that your parents do not approve of. When you are in your teens often, you feel that you are being dominated by your parents and that they are unnecessarily interfering in everything you do. It could be pretty tempting to wear outfits you know that they would hate just to make them upset.

You enjoy the feeling of being victorious when you win an argument over the dress you are about to buy. However, you would soon realize your mistake when you wear that dress. For instance, the micro-mini skirt that your mom had disapproved of but you bought it and when you wore it, you were feeling quite uncomfortable in it and you were pulling it down all day. Do not run after the latest trends or get swayed by peer pressure. Wear smart, stunning but comfortable outfits that speak volumes about who you actually are.

Mistake No.4: You Pick Up Clothes that Do Not Fit

You are only concerned about the size on an outfit’s tag. So you end up buying clothes that actually do not fit you. Sometimes, sizes keep differing from store to store. It means nothing and should not be given so much importance. It is better to try out outfits that you like and no need to look at the size. Wear the outfits and see if they are a comfortable fit for you. Do not forget that you would look your best and feel good only when you are wearing an outfit that actually fits you well irrespective of the size on the tag.


Avoid these fashion mistakes and do not ever hesitate to experiment. You must keep trying different looks so that you know what actually suits you the most. Fashion could be great fun but it keeps changing all the time. So, never hesitate to take your chances.

Renee Samson is a fashion designer and a blogger. She enjoys sharing her views, tips, and knowledge about clothes and accessories. She recommends Bookish Socks for teenage girls as they are simply great for making a fashion statement.

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