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Companies like JetSmarter are promising impeccable sky travel in the future

Companies like JetSmarter are promising impeccable sky travel in the future

Sky is the limit for America’s private aviation industry. With companies like JetSmarter offering services with which you can book a flight in a private jet, air travelers are keen on leaving behind the hassle of using commercial airlines.

Dubbed as the ‘Uber of Private Jets’, companies like JetSmarter are taking air travel a notch higher with their smartphone-based applications which are much like Uber’s services for ‘land-cabs’.

Backed by investors like pop-star Jay Z, members of the Saudi Royal family and venture capitalists, JetSmarter has certainly given a new turn to the private aviation industry in the United States of America.

JetSmarter’s founder, a Florida resident, Sergey Petrossov mentioned in an interview that a lot of private jets stand idle at airports or fly empty to the pick-up locations. Using these jets and offering the seats to commercial flyers at prices equivalent to first class tickets falls in the same ballpark. “We thought, if we offered that excessive supply to the business-class passengers of regular airlines, it would be a great disruptive service,” Petrossov was quoted as saying.

Wondering what has made this change widely acceptable, and why people are switching to JetSmarter from the traditional carrier? Here are a few reasons:

  • Smartphone-based applications
    Just tap on your smartphone screen a few times, and you are set to fly. Sounds easy, right? It is this very reason that makes app-based services widely accepted. With the new players giving their customers ease of use with applications, the the experience in the switch is phenomenal.
  • VIP access
    Flying in a commercial jet and going through all the standard procedures, or having the privilege of avoiding it all, what would you prefer? The answer is certainly the second one. It is these perks that bring in an increasing number of flyers every day.
  • Lower rates
    The price of flying to your destination in a commercial airlines plane and the price of using services like JetSmarter are equivalent. What more can an individual ask for?
  • Get the entire flight for your group
    You have the option of booking the entire flight and then share the price with your group. Seems like a party in the air, doesn’t it?
  • Luxury on board
    Champagne served with some of the most exotic dishes, and networking with people who love travelling in style are a few of the benefits that you get with services like JetSmarter. It sure is time to up the ante.

A new-age approach bolstered by the increasing use of smartphones, Jetsmarter opens up a new market for travel. Moreover, it certainly has showcased what the future holds. With the disruptive trend set by the likes of JetSmarter, private flying could open up the way commercial airlines opened up air travel post WW2. Except this time we’ll just have better services and a more customized experience during out time in the air. “By giving consumers more options, we keep them in the private aviation ecosystem and ensure they are away from the dreaded commercial airport,” Petrossov said, and this is what it really is all about.



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