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Different Kinds of Punching Bag Stands?

Different Kinds of Punching Bag Stands?

If you want to make the most out of your heavy punching bag then a punching bag stand is an ideal thing you need. When hanging a punching bag, you want it to be stable and durable in order to perform your practice optimally.

There is so much variety available in the market nowadays. Punching bag comes in different designs and distinct functionality. Some may feature optimal speed while other may be appropriate for tough practice. Similarly there is a variety available in punching bag stands. Some prefer to hang the bags on the ceiling but it is risky as it may damage the ceiling. Boxing trainers will always prefer you to buy these stands as it is a way better option.

Stands has the strength to take punches during a boxing session. These stands can often be witnessed in gyms as well. Keeping them at your home can be a good decision if you are an avid boxer. Since there are different types available, here is a description of them to make your decision well-informed.

Single station

These are not like traditionally shaped punching bags and are not drilled in the wall or ceiling. Rather, they have a hook from the punching bag is hung and is used effectively. Single station stands also come if different colors and designs which can be used in both gym and home. They are easier and more convenient to move around. It is easier to store as well since it can be disassembled when not in use. It is considered an ideal choice for temporary boxing workouts.

Double station stand

These stands employ two hooks arrangements and usually comes with optional speed bag hanger. These are commonly used in fitness centers, gyms and most importantly boxing clubs because it can be used by more than one person. The foundation of this stand is durable enough to hold two heavy bags and is very easy to assemble. These are perfect option for boxers who are used to hours of practice. There is a variety of designs and colors available in it.

Three station stand

If you want a better arrangement of assembling all the boxing equipment on one stand only then three station stands are preferable options. This equipment comes with three features namely punching bag hook, hooks for boxing balls and speed bag hanger. There is another addition as well that is pull-up bar. This is where you can practice boxing and make the most out of this feature.


So there are many alternatives available. There are many factors to take into account. The most important one is your personal need and preferences. A stand for a professional boxer may be different than a person who just performs boxing out of hobby. Another important consideration to make is stands durability, strength and its functionality. Make sure you purchase a quality stand that functions for a long time. You can read several online reviews as well.


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