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Do You Want to Know the Four Tough Questions Prospective Homeowners Ask?

Do You Want to Know the Four Tough Questions Prospective Homeowners Ask?

A home construction or improvement project is not an easy one. It is the culmination of weeks and months spent planning and making extensive consultations. Having laid the foundation, you may now proceed to hire someone skilled in the type of work at hand.

You realize that you will be interacting with the construction team a lot. Of course, this will depend on the project size. All the same, you need someone who can deliver the task. They must also be people you can reach quickly and get along with.

To achieve the results you desire, you need to have a series of tough questions to pose to the contractor. Mark you, before picking the right contractor, you need to have about three prospects. Make a comparison of the responses then choose the one that best matches your expectations.

Remember you are looking at your future home. You should not allow someone to do a shoddy job. After all, you are not going to get the service for free. The person you entrust must be dependable. They must also show determination to carry out the task from inception to completion.

So, what questions should you pose?

Do you have a work history?

Just like prospective employers do during recruitment of staff, you must also adopt a similar approach. Ask for proof that the home contractor builder has a license to operate in your state. Find out whether they insure their workers and offer protection against damage to property. Under work history, get to know when the business started operating.

Who will supervise the work?

Projects require supervision owing to the number of people working on a site. Find out whether the contractor has a crew of their own or they intend to hire subcontractors. Besides having a supervisor on site, inquire from the contractor whether they will set aside time to be on site and how often.

What are the tentative timelines?

Contractors usually schedule their work such that they complete it within certain deadlines. Ask your builder to share with you details of the project timetable. Request for status updates whenever you drop by to check on the progress. How often does the contractor plan on appraising you?

Any guarantees?

Just like it happens when you buy a product with a warranty, a home builder should give you a guarantee. Insist on the contractor inserting a clause in the contract stating that they will handle all legal processes. Without this, you could be staring at costly legal problems that might cause inconvenience and delays.

Home builders must ensure that they clean up after completion of the project. Site clearance is another area the agreement should cover. Having obtained satisfactory responses, you may now proceed to pick a contractor, sign the deal and pave the way for work to commence.

As work progresses, keep a tab of invoices received and payments made along the way. Obtain proof of payment received whenever you settle an invoice. These might come in handy in the event of a dispute.



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