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Eclipse Mania, How To Watch On-Line and The Time Line

Eclipse Mania, How To Watch On-Line and The Time Line


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Time Phase Direction Altitude
1:23 pm Mon, Aug 21 Partial Eclipse beginsThe Moon touches the Sun’s edge. Map direction South-southwest192°


2:44 pm Mon, Aug 21 Maximum EclipseMoon is closest to the center of the Sun. Map direction Southwest226°


4:00 pm Mon, Aug 21 Partial Eclipse endsThe Moon leaves the Sun’s edge. Map direction West-southwest247°


Millions of people are preparing to witness the rare occasion, as the last one happened nearly a decade ago. Beware the solar eclipse may have you feeling

1. You Might Feel Lethargic Or Tired

2. Your Digestion Might Be Disrupted

3. Your Emotions Might Be Out Of Whack

4: You may feel as if the world is more negative.

5: Do not watch the eclipse without special glasses, as you will damage your eyes.

The energies are very chaotic & unstable around the time of an eclipse. They have a way of stirring things up, bringing conflict to the surface, and kicking you into action. A challenge, crisis or opportunity often appears for you in the areas of life that are associated with the place in your birth chart that an eclipse is hitting

The eclipse does not just effect the day but also the weeks before and after. Expect increased levels of confusion. Mental, spiritual and physical equilibrium tends to be “off”

Now is not the best times for making long-term decisions or attempting a move forward

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