Expecting The Unexpected from Giselle Wolf at the Metropolitan Room


My View written by Stephen Sorokoff


I love a surprise. Especially if I think it’s going to be a good one.   Attending a show of one of the famous and renowned Cabaret artists is easy.  You know what you’re in for,  usually a wonderful evening of music.  But, if you are not familiar with the artist it’s another story.  In thiscase I didn’t know what I was in for, but I anticipated something of quality because the lady and her husband happen to be a friends of ours.    They are special people.

Giselle Wolf, socially, is an interesting person to be around.  Animated, theatrical, intelligent, speaks several languages (good for my wife), a gourmet cook (good for me),  and has homes in England and New York City.  She also happens to be a cousin of one of the countries preeminent musicians.  Ron Abel, composer/pianist/arranger/music director supreme. So if this kind of person invites you to her cabaret show I guess you readers would also think it’s going to be special.

More then special it was.  Giselle was mesmerizing.  It was really an emotional Journey and Celebration as she sang in French, Yiddish, Spanish and English.  Her physicality and vocal interpretations were spellbinding and we looked on in amazement as our friend displayed what Cabaret is all about.

Giselle Wolf “Journeys: A Celebration”  at The Metropolitan Room  Nov. 9, 14,15

*Photos: Stephen Sorokoff


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