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Facts About Hardwood That Will Make its Selection Easy For You

Facts About Hardwood That Will Make its Selection Easy For You

When you decide to lay wooden floor at your home be clear in mind about the two types of wooden flooring available. The choice is between hardwood flooring and engineered flooring. The latter type resembles wood but is not solid wood. Although these look almost similar, there are a lot of qualitative differences between the two that also affects the price and durability. Moreover, the installation methods are also different. Hardwood flooring Chicago consists of a single board of hardwood whereas engineered floors are modified versions of laminate topped by a wood veneer surface. The latter is a more recent addition that has resulted from a scarcity of timber availability. It is also an economical option for builders and homeowners. Since wooden flooring is expensive, having an idea about the two varieties will help to take a well-informed decision.
Wood choices
What is hardwood? Hardwood is dense wood that comes from broad-leaved deciduous trees and has some unique characteristics and properties. Any wood possessing these properties are hardwood. However, there are differences in style, color, and appearance of different types of hardwood and even substantial price difference. Some are light in weight whereas some others have dark colors. The choice will depend on your budget and the setting where you lay the floor. Among many varieties of hardwood sources like red oak, white oak, birch, etc., some have found a place in our list below.
Red Oak – This name comes to mind first when people in the US talk about hardwood floors because it is the most popular choice. The wood is durable and wear resistant, though not as much as white oak and has a reddish appearance and coarse grain structure.
White Oak – It is strange that despite having the mention of white in its name, this wood stable and highly wear resistant wood has a brown color often with gray hue. The grain structure is similar to red oak, but it has more swirls and burls.
Beech – The wood is heavy, hard, durable and excellent for shock resistance. It has the typical sustainable property that people look for in hardwood. It comes in reddish brown color and has a beautiful and consistent grain structure that gives an even texture. The wood exudes a warmth that lights up the place.
Birch– If you have a fascination with color that ranges between light yellow and dark brownish red, birch is the best choice. Despite being softer than red oak, it is robust enough to make good floors.
Pine – If you love the pattern of knots and swirls that appear on the wood surface then Pinewood matches your expectation for hardwood flooring. It is equivalent to red oak in hardness and strength and has a yellowish brown color.
Wood hardness
Besides color and appearance, compare the hardness of different variety of hardwood when you make a selection. Refer to the Janka rating system to know how hard the wood is. The higher the number, harder is the wood. Lastly, compare prices and take a decision that matches your budget.


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