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Five Approaches to Make Your Business Card Look Classy And Noticeable

Five Approaches to Make Your Business Card Look Classy And Noticeable

Business cards include all the major details about you and your work. Having a good business card will definitely help you in the long run. Nowadays there are many online applications and websites that allow you to make a digital business card which you can easily mail others. But physical business cards still hold its strong importance and leave a major impact.

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Physical business cards are accessible and an easy way to let others know about you. Business cards can be small in size but leaves a strong impact. It represents your work in front of others. In other words, it is used to advertise your work in an easy and portable manner. It is very important to make your business cards look classy and presentable. Chances are always there that your cards may get lost underneath files and folders.

Follow the five measures to make your business cards presentable

Your business may be small or big but leaving a strong impression via your business card is very important. Given below are five amazing ways how to make your business card look classy and noticeable.

  • Why make your business cards out of paper when you can use other materials too. In most cases stocks are used to make cards. Using stocks are a very pocket friendly option but if you have the resources then you must invest into something better. Nowadays, printers are designed in a way to print on any materials. If you’re into medical business, then using x-ray sheets to print your business details are a good option. The more creative your business cards look, more number of calls you’ll get.
  • You may come across business cards which are made up of poor quality paper. Using a poor quality paper may lead to a bad impression on the person who is at the receiving end. Better quality paper definitely leads to a good impression. Reports have said that it is a positive move if the weight of the business card kept heavy. You can even alter the texture of the card. Not going by the plain texture. Instead, choosing a matte or glossy finish will surely make a difference.
  • There is no compulsion that your business card needs to resemble the shape of a rectangular card. You can print your business details on any object also. An object which is easily noticeable and can be used also. For example, a pen or a paper weight. To make it more creative, you can customize a puzzle set where if the pieces are joined properly will lead to an important message. You can also type your details in a pen drive and pass it on to colleagues. You can print a message on the pen drive asking the person to plug in.
  • The standard length of a business card is 3.5 inches and breadth is 2 inches. Some people are of this thought that it is good to stick to the standard size. But thinking out of the box will add give an extra touch to your card. You can make the size of the card bigger than the usual also. Also you may not provide that regular rectangular shape to it. Rather you can make the sides curvy. You can even manipulate the folds of the card. There are so many to ways to implement. 3D card is one thing which you can try for example if you have an automobile business, you can print the business information on a car model or on a key ring with your company’s logo on it.
  • Don’t make your cards extremely professional. Giving a professional look to your card will immediately create a barrier between you and the opponent. You can make use of maximum white space. Brightening up your card will lots of colors and detailing may not work in your favor always. Rather if you utilize the white part of the card more, it will leave an impression.

You can do by adding a catchy one liner at the back of the card; one line that will describe you. You can also write a small note at the back of the card. There are several business cards that the agencies must be receiving over a span of week. But your card can stand out from the lot of you add a personalized message at the back which will immediately remind of you and your works.

Entrepreneurs, established business men, artists, professors and professionals from all other fields do require a business card. It can be business profile on any famous website or a card. Following the above approaches will definitely make a difference. Having a presentable card will fetch you more work in future and open the doors for broader prospects.


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