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Five Best Truth or Dare Apps for Different Age Groups

Five Best Truth or Dare Apps for Different Age Groups

Have you already heard or played the game truth or dare? If so, perhaps you are aware ofhow this game works.

However, because of its popularity,there is now an app called the truth and dare app. In fact, it is a wonderful app for both teenagers and youngsters. Not only that, it is also a great game particularly if you want to look your friend’s heart by questioning him the truth.

Before, the truth and dare app can only be played by various age groups excluding the children. But the good news is there is already a truth or dare app that is specifically designed for kids.

Either way, let us look at some of the truth or dare applications for different age groups.

Best Truth or Dare Apps

  1. Truth or Dare for Adults

This app for adult is considered as one of the best truth or dare dirty apps. As the name implies it is not ideal for kids. However, even though this app is a bit costly it is still the most visited app in play store.

Nevertheless, this app is loaded with impressive features such as exciting rules for dares, like physical and hot dares.

  1. Truth or Dare for Children

This truth or dare app is only accessible on Android. However, this app is created and the tasks are established especially for children. Even though this app is specifically designed for children it is not appropriate for children ages 12 years old and below.

Nonetheless, this truth and dare app havebasic element of spin the bottle and comes with amazing truths and dares.

  1. Truth or Dare – Spin the Bottle

This app can be customized depending on your own preference. For example,you can add your own colors, fonts, as well as style your dare and truth questions. Also, of if you want to have a new set of questions just simply shake your phone.

The Truth of Dare Spin the Bottle app lets 14 players to play. It will randomly pick the player who will be playing and in fact, this feature makes this app interesting and appealing. Nevertheless, it is available on both iOS and Android version.

  1. Truth or Dare Party

This truth or dare app is perfect for teenagers who wantto have fun during a party. In fact, this app is totally unrestricted, realistic, lovely, and fun. The game, onthe other hand, is classified intoseveral categories and comes with several dares and questions. However, the questions are incorporated based on the player’s age group.

Nevertheless, this app is completely free but it is only accessible on the Androidversion.

  1. Dare Wheel

This amazing truth or dare app is ideal for various age groups. This app, onthe other hand, comes with interesting and tricky dares for partners. Also, it features dares that are related to physical and action activity. Nonetheless, it’s only accessible on the Androidversion.

Whether you’re at home or at the party, rest assured that there is at least one truth or dare app from this list can give you the opportunity to know more about your loved ones or friends.

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