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Fun Suggestions and Examples For Wedding Invitation Wording

Fun Suggestions and Examples For Wedding Invitation Wording

Have you chosen your wedding invitations, but are still unsure about the wording? Here are some suggestions and examples for wedding invitation wording.

Examples of Modern Day and Traditional Wedding Invitation Wording to Make Your Wedding Invitations Stand Out

Wedding invitation wording can make or break your wedding invitations. You can select the most beautiful design for your invitations, but if you are missing the pertinent details, it defeats the entire purpose. Your wedding invitations have to be gorgeous, of course, but the most important part is the date, venue, time and other details of your wedding.
Your wedding invite wording needs to include information such as the names of the couple getting married, the names of the host(s), the venue, the date and the time. Of course, you can choose other details such as the style and theme of your wedding or any other information that you feel is necessary for your guests.
Wording for wedding invitations used to be quite standard and formal. However, with the changing times, there is more room for creativity and individuality. You can choose to make your wording traditional, humorous or simple and sweet. As we said before, it doesn’t matter what style you choose, as long as all the necessary details are easily conveyed to your guests in a presentable manner.
Following are some examples of classic, fun and simple wording for wedding invitations. You can also include details such as wedding attire wording and so forth.
Different Examples of Wedding Invitation Wording

Classic Wedding Invitation Wording
If you are having a more traditional wedding, or just prefer the classic style, you can of course use the classic style wording for your wedding invites. Following is an example of the traditional style of wording for wedding invitations:
Example 1:

Mr and Mrs John Q Doe
Request the honor of your presence
At the marriage ceremony of their eldest daughter
Jane Ann Doe
Michael John Smith
Saturday, the 5th of May,
Two Thousand and Eighteen
At 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon
At the
Japanese Tea Room
New York, NY
Reception to Follow

Example 2:

Along with their parents
Susan Lynn Taylor
Douglas John Smith
Request the honor or your presence
As they exchange marriage vows
On Friday, December 20. 2018
At 7pm in the evening:
St Mary’s Cathedral
123 Main Street
Smalltown, USA
Reception to follow:
Doubletree Hotel
234 New Road
Smalltown USA
Black Tie Attire

Fun Wedding Invitation Wording
If you want to think outside the box, you can always opt for a fun or humorous wording for your invitations. Some of the most memorable wedding invites have been some with the funniest wedding invitation wording. Here are some examples of humorous or fun wording for wedding invites:
Example 1:

Come for the Food and Booze
Stay for the Wedding Vows:
John B Smith and Jane L Doe
Demand that you join us
And help us
Get the party started
Saturday, June 29th, 2019
6pm until the booze runs out
123 Main Street
Anytown, USA

Example 2:

She said yes to the dress
But will she say yes to the groom?
Join us to find out
5pm on the eve of
Saturday, September 21, 2019
Penn’s Landing
Philadelphia, PA
Moonlight Booze Cruise to follow

Simple Wedding Invitation Wording

If you prefer to keep it simple and sweet, the following is the perfect example of a basic wedding invite that is concise and to the point. However, if you want to add some fun detail to make it your own unique wedding invitation wording, feel free to get creative!

Because you are an important part of your lives
Please grace us with your presence
Sunday, November 17th, 2018
Pier 22
Oceantown, USA
As we
Joe and Jill
Pledge our eternal love to one another
Dinner, Drinks and Dancing to follow

Example 2:
Please join us to celebrate our love!
Sara Ann Jones
Timothy Joe Taylor
Wish you to join us
Sunday, January 19, 2020
At 6 p.m.
As we say “I Do”
344 Beach Street
Oceanville, USA
Informal Beach Wedding
Bonfire with Food Trucks and Open Bar
Immediately to Follow
Semi Casual Attire

We hope these creative, traditional and funny ideas for wedding invitation wording have inspired you! Now get out there and find the perfect wedding invites to make it official!


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