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Hartz is The Answer To Finicky Cat Problems And More

Hartz is The Answer To Finicky Cat Problems And More

Hartz Delectables

Hartz Delectables

When you think of Hartz you think of flea collars, but the company is so much more. While attending a pet show, I was introduced to Delectables, billed as “The First Gourmet Cat Treat!” with premium flavors cats crave. The flavors were Roasted Chicken, Seared Tuna, Smoked Salmon, Braised Chicken and Tuna, Grilled Seafood and Grilled Shrimp in a Bisque and Stew combination. I thought my extremely picky cat would hate them because normally he never eats anything with fish. I was wrong! When I opened the package of Bisque Delectables, he came running into the kitchen meowing. I put some in his dish and he licked it up wanting more. The bowl was so clean I barely had to wash it. What makes this so amazing, is that I have been having a massive problem trying to find a cat food Uriel would eat and not leave as it was causing an ant and water bug problem. Turns out that both these unwanted creatures find cat food a gourmet treat. Not only was I having the unwanted creature problem, but Uriel never seemed filled. Now a Delectable packet in the morning with kibbles and about 6-8 Delectable hard treats at night and I have one very happy cat and a pest free zone.

Hartz Delectables

Uriel also does not have the best hygiene habits. He does not like to cover his business, so my bathroom and thus my apartment always had that cat is in the house order. Enter also from Hartz Fresh Scent Deodorizing Litter Beads. They come in 3 fresh scents that are actually enjoyable. Spring Meadow, Cool Mountain Wind and Wildflower are the best odor-reducing products I have ever used!! No longer does my house smell like a litter box. The beads adhere to clumps and destroys smells leaving a refreshing clean smell. Wow! this company just keeps getting better and better.

Hartz Delectables

Last but not least Hartz Just for Cats Twirl and Whirl Cat Toy is filled with catnip and features a variety of textures with leathers, bells, and colorful toys to capture your cat’s attention. Uriel who has always been active thinks this is the cats meow and brings it to me to play. Not only do I have one happy kitty, but an active one who finds this a perfect gift.

Now we have to try the dog versions.

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