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Help Your Skin Take Care of Your Age

Help Your Skin Take Care of Your Age

How to help your skin take care of your age? The following tips can help your skin take care of your age, you can appear younger than your age, and age is just a number after all.

Skin care

  • Do not forget to wash your face before you go to sleep

Being exhausted is not an excuse to sleep without washing your face. Oil and dirt accumulate on your skin if you refuse to cleanse it, and this could lead to breakouts and even bacterial infections.

  • Avoid testing recreational drugs

One of the ways the effects of drug usage can be obvious is through your skin.

Stress can be detrimental to your skin on the long run; it causes dullness, blemishes and many other things. Cultivate the habit of taking a break, go on a vacation, hang out with friends; it’s good for your skin.

  • Do not forget to exercise regularly

If you want to keep your skin youthful, exercise is what you need. Exercise makes your skin radiate, helps deal with stress and enhances your mood.

  • Avoid skipping meals

When you constantly skip meals it causes your skin to age faster.

  • Always drink enough water

At least eight glasses of water a day is ideal, as it helps your skin stay hydrated and fresh. Dehydration can cause a lot of harm to your skin; it could lead to dry skin and appearance of patches on your skin.

  • Use less make up

The use of heavy makeup prevents the skin from breathing and blocks the pores in the skin. Some days you could decide to go light on your makeup usage and give your skin a break.

  • Cut your sugar

Sometimes, when consuming too much sugar, you will notice that your skin may look a bit sagged, this is one of the collagen side effects on skin. Rather consume something more organic like dried fruit or a piece of dark chocolate.

  • Stop popping your pimples

You can enlarge your pores by attempting to pop the pimples on your skin.

  • Avoid touching your face constantly

You can transfer bacteria to your face from your palms when you constantly stroke it.

  • Too much coffee is not healthy for your skin

The caffeine in coffee dehydrates and if you consuming too many cups of coffee a day, your skin dry out and make you appears dull.

Skin care

  • Use a sunscreen everyday

Notwithstanding the weather chilly or sunny, always use a sunscreen. The effect of the of sun rays not only causes wrinkles but can make you susceptible to skin cancer.

  • Do not smoke when you drink

Even if you don’t smoke, merely inhaling the smoke can cause premature aging, which leads to sagging in your skin by causing the collagen and elastin in your skin to deplete.

  • Do away from sharing makeup with your friends

You risk contacting a skin infection, always lets your friends know in advance that you don’t share makeup.


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