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Here Are the 3 Most Important Things You Should Know before Your First Microblading Appointment

Here Are the 3 Most Important Things You Should Know before Your First Microblading Appointment

Full brows have become extremely popular as celebrities such as Cara Delevingne wear thick eyebrows that make a statement. Even among the rest of us, we all know that person who seems to always have perfect eyebrows. It leaves us wondering whether her brows are just naturally flawless or she’s really skillful with the brow pencil.

However, the reality is that she most likely achieves those brows with microblading.

What is microblading?

It’s a cosmetic procedure that involves semi-permanent tattooing. A technician uses a topical cream to numb the brow area and thereafter uses a fine blade consisting of tiny needles to make hair-like micro-incisions to deposit pigment under the top layer of the skin on your brow. This improves how your brows look by making them appear fuller.

Unlike permanent makeup, the small amount of pigment used in microblading fades after a while. Here are a few more things you should know about before making your first appointment with a microblading technician.

Make sure you pick a good salon

The regulations vary from one state to another. For example, the state of California requires salons to be approved by country health departments and technicians to be certified as body art practitioners and microblading technicians. Like other forms of permanent cosmetics, microblading requires at least 100 hours of training. Cosmetologists and estheticians typically practice microblading near Calgary.

In addition to checking for certification, get referrals from friends who are satisfied with their results months after undergoing the procedure. Needless to say, whichever salon you visit, ensure that the needles and blades used on you are new and sterile.

Make proper preparations for the procedure

Don’t spray tan or wax before the microblading procedure to avoid tarnished results and skin irritation. Experts also recommend steering clear of exfoliating treatments, retinoid, and hydroxyl acid products 14 days before your appointment as these can also cause skin irritation.

One week prior to the procedure, avoid alcohol, aspirin and blood thinners because excessive bleeding hinders pigment absorption. Moreover, if you take blood thinners, the numerous micro-cut that will be made on your skin will be less likely to clot. Ask the salon for specific recommendations they may have for you before your appointment.

Note that results vary

For many people who undergo microblading near Calgary, the results usually last for about a year, with their brows appearing naturally dark and full. However, the results vary depending on your skin type, amount of natural brow hair, the pigment used, the pressure used for incisions, and how well you adhere to aftercare instructions. For the best results, touch-ups every 4-6 months are recommended.

You’re likely to experience some inflammation and slightly darkened pigmentation on the brow area immediately after the procedure. Your eyebrows will also scab. All this is part of the healing process so you need not worry.

However, the need to strictly follow the aftercare directions cannot be emphasized enough. Directions include using sunscreen to prevent sun exposure and coconut butter, Neosporin, or Aquaphor to keep out excess moisture that may cause fading or infection.


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