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How Chocolate Saved My Life

How Chocolate Saved My Life

The seventh of July is the sweetest day of the year because it is  World Chocolate Day. I also celebrate this holiday because chocolate once saved my life. It may seem impossible, but students around the world can share similar stories.

At twenty I was studying history in college. We had to compose countless short essays concerning different historical topics. In addition, to the numerous writing assignments, we had to pass in a term paper, which counted for most of our grade. I couldn’t even start, because I was so stressed out over the writing and could not come up with a concept for the paper. Exams were looming on the horizon as well. I was losing all hope to pass them successfully. My best friend who was a graduated student told me to eat more chocolate, and I decided to give that a try. I started eating chocolate every day, although I never had a sweet tooth. My cognitive abilities changed for the better. By including chocolate into my diet, the following results happened.

  • Research paper writing. I had to pass my term an by eating chocolate every day, I found I had the energy to compose it easily. Consequently, the term paper on history was finished the day before the deadline, because the chocolate saw me through. I literally lived in the library and spent countless hours there, but I did not notice it. I was constantly working on my term paper, because I felt active and energetic. It seemed to me that I could not only finish that paper but also move mountains.
  • I wasn’t nervous at all. Everybody knows that exams are extremely stressful , however, dark chocolate boosts the production of endorphins, which makes one feel less stressed and tense. Problems seem insignificant when you have a high level of endorphins in your blood. I felt it I could pass successfully and did not even worry about failing at something. Scientists have proved that endorphins or the so-called “happy hormones” help us relax and calm down. Try eating a half a bar of chocolate a day, and you would feel the results in just a week.
  • My memory and cognitive skills improved. Frankly speaking, I did not expect such an instant effect, but my memory improved and I was able to memorize more information than before. I started thinking faster, and this ability helped me to prepare for my exams faster. Everything that I read became memorized better than before; therefore, I passed all my exams successfully.
  • My physical activity increased despite sleepless nights. Sweets give us energy and too many calories, and chocolate is not an exception. However, I became more energetic and I had enough time to not only prepare for my exams, but also get in some exercise. I did not put on weight at all, although scientists claim that too many sweets may cause obesity and even diabetes. If you burn calories during physical exercises or exams, you should not worry about putting on weight.

There are many other types of food recommended by nutrition experts for students who need to enhance their cognitive skills and memory. However, I prefer chocolate because it has already helped me once. I know that it is not only delicious, but also beneficial for my health. Now I understand why chocolate is considered one of the most ancient and popular sweets in the world.

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