How Does Water Damage and Threaten Your Home Integrity?

How Does Water Damage and Threaten Your Home Integrity?

We know how much love and effort goes into building a home. When water damage attacks that home, it is hard to just stand and watch. If you can relate to this, you are at the right place. Home restoration companies can give you the chance to fight back!

Water damage is usually a result of leaking pipes and sudden flooding. Most homes and homeowners are not prepared to deal with such an immediate challenge. That is why companies such as KIC Restoration appear the most helpful. These companies have the necessary equipment and experience to deal with the situation.

Businesses with five-star reviews tell you that they have dealt with every kind of water damage possible. Moreover, they have teams of professionals who can restore your home to its former glory. You will never have to worry again about water damage and depreciating property values, as long as you have a reputed and capable restoration company on your speed dial.

Why should you call for expert help?

The longer you let water damage sit inside your home, the more you are letting your property get damaged. Here’s a small glimpse of the water damage timeline –

  1. Minutes: within minutes of moisture deposition or pipe leaks, the water can spread to other areas of the house.
  2. Hours: wooden walls swell and rot. If you can smell something musty, that is probably the mold and bacteria spreading inside your home.
  3. Days: water damage brings several complications with it. It challenges the integrity of wooden walls, and it threatens the insulation. Your electrical wiring feels threatened as water keeps building inside the walls.

If you let water damage sit inside your house like an unwanted guest, you are inviting in a lot of added problems. You are also putting the safety of your family at risk. Mold growing in areas of water damage cause severe breathing troubles in kids, elderlies, and pets.

How can restoration experts help?

Home repair companies have teams of experts who will attend your call. A good company will never reroute calls through call center services. Therefore, you will get useful and authentic advice only.

The experts will fix an appointment and visit your house to evaluate the damage.They will take care of all the swollen boards, compromised walls, exposed electric wiring and everything else.

Some specialized services include mold detection and removal. They take the health and wellbeing of clients seriously, and therefore, try to provide the best service. If they find mold growing in the damaged areas, they will resort to mold remediation services to annihilate it.

They will check the crawl spaces, ducts, ceilings, and insulations. If there are severe damage to the drywall and other integral structural aspects, they will also take care of it.

A reputed home restoration company will not use chemicals and processes that can be harmful to kids and the elderly. Therefore, it is imperative that you carry out a thorough research before deciding on the service provider.


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