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How Eyeglass Technology is Changing for the Better

How Eyeglass Technology is Changing for the Better

As technology continues to evolve, so are advances in eyewear and eyeglasses. Ten years ago, we could have never imagined that we could have mini computers for lenses or have lenses that filter bad light. Today, we do. This is encouraging news given our changing needs. Read on to learn more.

Start Early

Most of us will need to wear eyeglasses to help correct our vision. For children, this can be daunting since the last thing they want to do is stand out. The good news is many of their peers are already wearing kids eyeglasses in a wide variety of styles, colors and features.

In fact, it’s quite enjoyable shopping for eyewear just because there are so many options today. You really can change your look just by selecting a different frame and color.

Plus, many cute styles are budget-friendly. So, it is a win-win for helping your vision and looking great.

High-Performance Lenses in Poor Conditions

A recent advance in lens technology are lenses that help you see better at night, at twilight and on rainy days. This is critical for driving and for children who need to see regardless of the level of visibility.

Sometimes, there can be a glare and blurriness from headlights in the evenings that may make it difficult to see other people and road signs. If you’ve ever driven in a heavy rain, you know how scary it can be–even with active windshield wipers.

It’s enough to make you want to park on the side of the road to wait it out. Well, the Zeiss company has developed what they call DriveSafe lenses that can be worn during the day but also have an anti-glare coating to help with night vision.

Sounds like a good way to improve safety at night.


Another new lenswear technology is omnifocals, which is quite impressive. Developed by the Deep Optics company, omnifocals can change their optical power in an instant.

Instead of having to look through the bottom of multifocal glasses, you can look wherever you want. Omnifocals are covered with a layer of transparent liquid crystal that bends light passing through. In addition, it can be changed by electric current.

As a result, the prescription changes when your eyes need extra assistance. The glasses also come with a processing unit to determine how far the object is that you are trying to focus on.

The electric current then changes the liquid crystal to give you the right prescription, at the right time. Imagine all the uses for this type of technology. It is truly life changing.

Reducing Eyestrain

Around 64 percent of Americans wear eyeglasses and have experienced digital eye strain. This is due to the bright lights emitted from our computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Let’s be honest, we stare at them all day. And, our eye health is paying the price. The good news is you can choose lenses that can block the high-energy blue light.

The problem with digital light is it can lead to retina damage and macular degeneration. If you’re staring at a screen all day, then you understand that tired and dry your eyes get.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can now wear eyeglasses infused with a protective coating for protection against glare, reflections and high-energy blue light.

In Conclusion

The eyes play a critical role in balancing all of our senses. If one of your five senses is missing, the other senses have to overcompensate.

You never realize how important vision is until it starts degenerating. This is why it is imperative to choose the right lenses and to wear them now.


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