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How Good Customer Service Is Key To Any Business

How Good Customer Service Is Key To Any Business

Providing good customer service is key to any business. Not only does it reflect your business in a positive light, it also reflects the service your employees provide throughout all stages of the sales funnel. How you interact with customers can affect the on-going success of your business, to maintain customer satisfaction.

The size of your business is irrelevant. Every business needs to provide a good level of customer service to all customers, including those that have been loyal for a period of time to those who are enquiring about a product or service you sell.

Being able to provide a good level of customer services requires training and patience. Your key focus should be your customers, in return this will improve customer retention. Many businesses suffer from a low customer retention rate because they forget that customer service is often the only contact a customer has with your company and expect their issues to be resolved within a matter of days, if not immediately. Helping your customers efficiently, will help ensure they remain satisfied. By providing a quick, friendly service, the customer is likely to recommend your brand and use it again. This will help expand brand awareness. Brand awareness is how familiar consumers become with you brand, brand mark and knowledge of what your business does.

As customers are the most important aspect of your business, ensuring you can accommodate their needs is essential. From a customer’s point of view, a poor service may result in additional costs and bad reviews. Bad reviews affect the company’s reputation imminently, depending on the original complaint. This can be recorded and resolved in a number of days. You may decide to ask the enquirer a series of questions to find out how efficient they found your service and offer compensation if they found the service to be unhelpful.

To provide good customer service, your employees should be attentive, have knowledge of the product or service you provide to be able to answer questions quickly and be able to address the situation positively. For example, if the customer wants a product that is currently out of stock, instead of addressing that it is unavailable, employees might propose to order the product on behalf of the customer.

Going the extra mile will ensure a happy customer. You should think ahead when dealing with a customer. Delivering a superior service enhances profitability as well as giving you that well earnt competitive edge. If you work in a competitive industry, you will already know the difficulties of building you brand to live up to another, this involves the ability to be proactive, instead of reactive. A business should be aware of potential complaints or enquiries regarding their product or service and plan in advance. For example, if you are able to offer the customer an incentive or something to say ‘sorry’. More often than not, some of these potential issues can be resolved.

So next time you find yourself in a challenging situation, remember that your approach, attitude and how you handle the customers complaint from start to finish will effect retention and continued success of the business.



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