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How to Add Functionality to Your UTE with Custom Aluminium Trays and Canopies

How to Add Functionality to Your UTE with Custom Aluminium Trays and Canopies

From the latest Ford Ranger XLT dual-cab, LandCruiser 70 Series, Toyota Hlux SR 5 dual-cab to the Mazda BT-50 to the VW Amarok TD 1550 V6, the modern UTE buyer has a wide range of incredible trucks to choose from.

These vehicles are tough and can transform into what you want them to be. Whether you need a workhorse for your business, a family mover, a weekend tourer or a daily utility vehicle, they give it all and much more. While these modern UTEs are moving closer to cars in refinement and sleek technology, they still retain their rugged edge and versatile design that defined the UTEs of yore.

Leveraging UTE Canopy/Tray Design and Fabrication

Today, it is possible to add functionality to any utility truck you buy by leveraging the latest UTE canopy and tray design and fabrication. Aluminum canopies and trays are among the most popular truck accessories in Australia and for many good reasons. If you are wondering how you can get more from your UTE, it is time you considered aluminium UTE trays and UTE canopies from an established company.

Some of the reasons for the popularity of these accessories are:

  1. Securing equipment/goods: Whatever you are using your UTE for, it is important to ensure you have secure storage. Canopies provide a secure storage area that is larger than your pickup tub.
  2. Easy loading and transportation: With aluminium UTE trays, you have a versatile transportation option for a wide variety of items. With drop down sides and tail gates, you will find it easier to load and unload items.
  3. Aesthetics: Adding a canopy gives your UTE a touch of style. With most UTE owners now applying their vehicles for daily use among other purposes, it is important to get this dash of style. You will enjoy the looks from other drivers when you pull up at the lights.
  4. Protecting the pickup tub: Most modern UTEs have become so refined as to reduce the rugged nature significantly. The tubs are not what you would have found on older vehicles hence adding a canopy offers much needed protection. A canopy will preserve the UTE tray to prevent scratches and dents that otherwise diminish the value of your vehicle.
  5. Ease of installation and removal: Aluminium UTE canopies are easy to install and remove any time you need to maximize load capacity.
  6. Easy strapping with UTE trays: When you have every bulky items to haul, UTE trays come in handy as you have multiple locations to strap your load and get going in no time.

When shopping for UTE canopies and trays for your vehicle, go for a manufacturer with experience in UTE canopy design and fabrication. Check the variety of designs available to determine if the manufacturer is the best to shop your UTE canopy or tray from.

Other qualities to look out for include weather-resistance, dust-proof finishing, after sales service, wiring services and availability of tailored aluminium UTE canopy and tray package. This helps you find the best UTE canopy or tray to make better use of available space, enhance safety in transportation and add style to your UTE and boost functionality.


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