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How to buy an ICO?

How to buy an ICO?

Most of you will be aware of cryptocurrency and might already have planned to invest and have already searched a lot on how to make this investment. But have you considered initial coin offering as a method of funding? Well, if not then you should know that ICOs are a viable option for investing in cryptocurrencies.

However what most people don’t know is how to make good use of an ICO. So here is an all-inclusive guide for you on how to buy or invest in an ICO.

  1. You initial process of buying into an ICO engine by signing up with a website. You have to register with the site of the company or organization making such an offer. Read all the terms and conditions and the white papers to such an ICO before accepting to it. Now, register using your email address and some personal details like contact number, Country, etc.
  2. Now, activate your account with the official website using authentication link sent to your email. On your profile, you will be able to view all ICO related information including the timer to the fundraiser, tokens sold, remaining tokens to ICO, etc.
  3. well, it’s now that you can buy an ICO. Remember every user is provided with an address unique to him that is used to authenticate the purchase.You may have to keep track of the exchange rates of cryptocurrency as they keep changing every minute. You can easily,y purchase using internet transfer, credit card or using bitcoins if you have already bought them.
  4. You must not haste in completing the transaction. It takes at least five to ten minutes to confirm payment and purchase. When your payment is approved, you will receive an email regarding the same. The number of tokens you have purchased will reflect in your account or your e-wallet if you have one.

Now, you have succeeded in buying token in an ICO, congratulations!

Each issuing company has a different lock-in period, but on an average, you can withdraw your investment after six months or less. Both partial or complete withdrawals are allowed.

So what are the benefits of investing in ICO that makes a very lucrative investment opportunity? Well, Firstly tokens offered by ICO are much cheaper and can easily be procured. While when you use them later their valuation increase giving you much higher benefits. Secondly, such ICO tokens can be used as crypto- collateral. Average increases in pre-ICO and post-ICO prices have at least a margin of $5-$10. Making you gain enough Advantage even at the beginning.

Well, I suppose you can easily buy ICO token, and if you need more information to clarify your doubts don’t forget to visit ICObuffer. It’s a great place that provides you with all the information and helps you need to buy an ICO.

Before I wind up on this price of information, let me advance you again for the cautions you need to take. It’s not like am scaring you, but there have been many cases of fraud that have put ICO under scrutiny. You must only and only, buy from an authentic source or from a company you have already heard about in the past. It would be better if you buy from reference links given by friends who have already invested in it.



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