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How To Call Cuba From Canada This Christmas

How To Call Cuba From Canada This Christmas

With Christmas on the horizon, people in Canada with relatives who live in Cuba are once again facing the dilemma of expensive international calls. There’s never enough time on the phone with your relatives during the holiday season, but finding low long distance rates for long calls to Cuba from Canada is no easy task, with carriers in Canada charging far more than anywhere else in the world and calling card companies that use tricks and hidden fees to inflate the minutes you use. Unreliable Wifi in Cuba also makes using VoIP services tricky – you need a real phone line to reliably connect with your loved ones in Cuba.

Say No to Convenience Store Calling Cards

The cheapest way to call Cuba is not with long distance calling cards that you can buy in the convenience store – not by a long shot. Minute rounding, expiration dates, connection fees, per-call service fees, and more are how most of these companies turn a profit after offering low rates on calls. They often come as a surprise, as not all of the fees they charge will even be listed on the cards.


Buy Prepaid Minutes Online

You can now go online and buy prepaid long distance calling packages, as wells monthly plans, from companies like G3 Telecom with no contract required. If you have family in Cuba that you regularly call and you don’t want any limits on the time you have to talk to them, paying for a monthly plan with unlimited minutes is a great way to chat. If you have a friend or loved one who’s only going to Cuba for a vacation or on business, prepaid minutes give you all the time you need to talk without forcing you to commit to anything long-term.

If you’re wondering how to call Cuba from Canada, start looking for long distance calling plans that are accredited with the Better Business Bureau and have been around for awhile. You don’t want to buy minutes from a flash-in-the-pan company that will be out of business as quick as it entered. You also don’t want to sacrifice call quality just because you’re saving money on your long distance calls. Find a service that uses premium routes from superior telecommunications companies, while still offering a lower rate than mainstream carriers.

Call from your Cell Phone

You can now make cheap long distance calls from a cell phone without having to buy calling cards at all. Using your cell phone is so much easier than a home phone or landline, as you don’t have to type in a PIN all the time or remember the country code for Cuba (it’s +53, in case you forgot). If you use the company G3 Telecom, which you can use to buy prepaid minute bundles online, you can also use their mobile app. Their app lets you manage and buy minutes from your phone as well as look up rates to the country you’re going to call.

Calling Cuba doesn’t need to be difficult, complicated or expensive. Simplify your life by making cheap calls to Cuba that don’t get dinged with hidden fees and surprise bills. This Christmas, you should be able to talk for as long as you want without having to worry about the bill.

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