How to hire the An Emergency Plumber – 5 Requirements

How to hire the An Emergency Plumber – 5 Requirements

The danger of procrastinating is being caught up in a mess but having little time to resolve the problem. You’ll admit that you are guilty of leaving the leaking tap or pipe leaking for some time and only calling in for emergency help when you face bigger problems like more water leaking or a burst pipe. So, who do you call in the event of an emergency?

If you don’t have a plumber already, you will find yourself in trouble and unfortunately, you can’t let anyone into your home. You will have to vet the prospective plumbers. The following tips will guide you to hire the right emergency plumber:

  1. Insurance

Even in an emergency situation, your plumber must have a workers’ compensation document and liability insurance. In case of damages and repairs resulting from the plumber’s actions, the liability insurance will pay for this. Working with an uninsured plumber transfers all the responsibilities of damages to your pot.

The workers compensation on the other hand will cover medical bills resulting from injuries sustained at work. Otherwise, you will be responsible for these additional medical costs.

  1. Working license

This qualifies as the first question to ask an emergency plumber right after introductions. A licensed plumber gives fewer problems later on and having a license shows that the individual understands building codes and any changes made in the past. Despite the emergency at hand, knowledge and verification that there is an actual working license will protect you and gets you covered by insurance in case of a problem.

  1. Cost

Most, if not all emergency plumbing services are priced higher than the normal plumbing rates. However, the fees charged vary and you should be comfortable with the quote given before work starts. Note that some plumbers may take advantage of your desperation charging you higher than they should. You should be cautious. It would also help if you made inquiries from friends and family on the average cost of emergency plumbing.

  1. Do you need a specialist?

Some plumbers have specialized in specific areas of plumbing. Plumbing is broad and you shouldn’t make assumptions especially when dealing with sensitive areas like water heating, sewer and drains, or faucet and toilet repairs or replacements.

Some plumbers will only provide indoor emergency plumbing while others have restrictions in terms of the location of the emergency. Ensure that there is a consensus between the services and the service provider.

  1. Availability

Hire an emergency plumber who is available immediately they are called as long as they have insurance and they are licensed. Plumbing issues that call for immediate attention occur during off-office working hours. Will the service provider be available at 3am? Do they offer 24/7 services. To save money and resources, you will need fast response at that odd hour.

In conclusion, however urgent the plumbing problem is, you must hire the right person for the job. Hire a plumber or a plumbing company that is strongly recommended for their good services, their fair rates, and professionalism.

Author bio

Chris Hamilton is a plumber who owns a renowned plumbing company. His success is attributed to his professionalism and the excellence of his services especially the emergency plumber services. Read his company profile on his Facebook page to learn more.


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