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How to Lower Blood Sugar Level Naturally

How to Lower Blood Sugar Level Naturally

High blood sugar level can be a serious concern. Initially, high level of blood sugar, even when it is undetected, can cause problems such as dryness in skin, rapid breathing, reduced focus and concentration, loss of appetite and energy and abdominal pain. If left untreated for long, high blood sugar level can cause some serious concerns including difficulty in breathing, macrovascular disease, nerve damage or coronary heart disease, heart attack, stroke and coma in extreme cases.

Considering the dangers high blood sugar levels can pose, it is extremely important for diabetic patients to check their blood sugar level at regular intervals and see if it’s normal or not from a glucose levels chart. If sugar levels found abnormal, treatment and prevention must not be delayed at all.

While high blood sugar level requires proper treatment, here are some natural ways to lower your blood sugar and prevent the situation from getting worse.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is extremely important to lower blood sugar level. It can help you shed off some weight and improve your body’s insulin sensitivity. Regular exercise will lead to better utilization of sugar by muscles. Appropriate insulin sensitivity is also important as it means that the cells in your body can consume the sugar available in bloodstream more efficiently. There are no specific exercises to lower your blood sugar. You can perform any exercise that keeps you healthy/fit and it’ll prove to be fruitful.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated at all times is also important while trying to control blood sugar level. Drinking enough water more frequently rehydrates the blood and helps your kidneys process the excess sugar more efficiently.  Staying hydrated can be extremely effective and prevents the risk of high blood sugar turning into permanent diabetes.

Reduce Stress

Reducing stress levels is quite important too. Stress can drive up your blood sugar level. Hormones, known as glucagon and cortisol are triggered by stress, which are known to boost sugar levels up. Reducing stress, relaxing and meditating can prove to be extremely effective while trying to control high blood sugar naturally.

Get Enough Sleep

Keeping your body deprived of sleep can be extremely harmful, particularly for those suffering from high blood sugar. Lack of sleep and restlessness can increase blood sugar level, influence insulin sensitivity, increase appetite and cause weight gain. Getting enough sleep is quite important if you’re trying to lower your blood sugar.

Eat Smaller Meals at Regular Intervals

Eating big meals at once can make it difficult for the body to break down and absorb nutrients. Rather than eating large meals, fewer times a day, you can consume smaller meals at regular intervals. This will make it easier for the body to regular sugar, leading to better insulin response.

Alter your Diet

Last but certainly not the least, altering your diet is perhaps the most important part if you’re trying to lower your blood sugar level naturally. You’re supposed to avoid some foods while consuming others.

Initially, carb intake must be reduced. Consuming abnormally high carbs can damage the insulin function, causing the blood glucose levels to rise.

Particular foods that must be avoided to reduce high blood sugar include baked/fried goods, pasta, rice, potatoes, corn, and beverages.

There are some foods that you can consume more while countering high blood sugar.

You’re supposed to increase your daily fiber intake. Fiber controls sugar absorption and carb digestion process, leading to controlled blood sugar.

You’re also advised to increase chromium and magnesium intake. Chromium improves carb tolerance, controlling blood sugar levels.

Adequate magnesium concentration also reduces the chances of blood sugar levels going up.

You can also try consuming apple cider as it causes the cells to use up the sugar much faster and decreases sugar production in the liver.

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