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How To Save Money On Your Weekly Shopping

How To Save Money On Your Weekly Shopping

Whether you live alone or you have an entire family to feed, one of the most frustrating expenses is grocery shopping. If you’re heading to the local supermarket and you know you have a number of fussy eaters to have to please, weekly shopping can end up being somewhat expensive, with some families spending hundreds of dollars a week, on just food. While there are some different ways that you can get some help when it comes to affording the weekly bills, such as Wizzcash payday loans, there are a number of things that you can do to help save you money.

Shop Around

Just because you have a big brand name superstore around the corner from you, that doesn’t mean that’s the best place to shop. Some names like Gristedes and Morton Williams  are known for being expensive, and this is where a number of shoppers fall down – they rely on the brand name and the quality instead of looking at the price. However, the rise of shops like Trader Joes and Fairway are leading  more people to consider the price of what they’re purchasing. Often the quality is just as good. Turn to these kinds of shops and you will find the cost of your weekly shop dramatically reduces.

The Local Market

Another place to look for some food types like fresh fruit and vegetables is the local market. Generally, the price of the local market will be a fraction of the cost of fresh fruit and vegetables at the supermarket, and this can help to safe a great deal of money. Often, the life on fresh fruit and vegetables on the market is much longer, and the quality much fresher.

Use A Meal Planner

Another way to help cut down your money is to avoid impulse buys. If you plan your meals in advance and know all of the ingredients that you already have in your cupboard, you will be able to avoid pricey impulse buys. If you make the decisions of what you need at home, then you are less likely to start pulling products straight off the shelves and throwing them into your basket. This will also help to ensure that you don’t forget anything meaning you’ll have to do a second trip to the shops later in the week to make up the meals that you actually want.

Shop Later In The Day

If you head to the shops later in the day you can take advantage of the reduced section of the business. Fresh food will get marked down towards the end of the day, as it will generally need to be consumed that day, and products nearing their shelf-life can also be reduced – sometimes more than 50% off! Even if produce is nearing its shelf life it can be frozen and therefore you are still saving money on your weekly shop.

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