How Using My Runners Pouch Helps Me Train

How Using My Runners Pouch Helps Me Train

I have been into sports, health and fitness practically my entire life. I had had enough of being called the “cute pudgy” child at 13 and decided that I needed to focus getting both my mind and body in shape in order to have a long, healthy life. Since then, I have dedicated my life to training and helping others get in shape, to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

My day is long, but rewarding. I wake up at 5AM to get in a kilometre or two at the beach, either running or swimming depending on the weather. Then to my first appointment of the day, which usually comes around 6-630AM. I have absolutely no time to make a pit-stop at home, so I always ensure that everything I will need for my day is ready to go from the night before.

This comes down to 3 very basic things:

1. Food, I never eat out, and always have my 3 healthy meals packed and ready to be devoured.

2. A change of clothes and towel for in between sessions.

3. Lastly, my essential wallet, keys and mobile phone, which I stash away in my runners pouch.

All of the above is absolutely essential in order to keep my daily routine – there is no doubt that no adult can leave their home without, keys, money and usually their phone. There previous three items are hard to keep track of, especially when I am carrying my meals and extra clothing etc.

Since I always need to keep my mind on my clients, I never want to take away any concentration or focus from their session. Knowing where the “holy trinity” is at all times is a must – my solution was purchasing a runner pouch, the kind you can find at places like fitletic, you can see some examples here. It helps me eminency knowing that my personal items are safe and on my person at all times.

Why a runners pouch?

Well most of what I wear does not contain pockets – and the ones that do, make it very uncomfortable to carry my wallet, jingling keys and heavy cell phone in. I work in extreme conditions – most days in the red hot sun, so there is no change of conveniently places my items in a jacket and feeling safe about that. I use a runners pouch because they are lightweight, efficient, never get in the way of my movements, no matter what workout I am doing. If I just carry my keys and cell phone, then I choose a phone armband.

I am a very hands on sort of person, and I like to get in there with my client and show them support by working alongside them. If it wasn’t for my runners pouch or arm band, I don’t think I would feel as secure about carrying my personal items with me.

How can you help your training sessions?

  • Aside from trying out your own runner’s pouch or fit belt– which I have seen many of my clients do, I recommend the following few titbits to remember:
  • Always stay focused on your long term goals – its ok to let up a little over the holidays, but remember that you will get back on track immediately after
  • Stay hydrated – running expends a lot of energy, using up energy makes you sweat – losing water makes your muscles cramp. Keeping hydrated is extremely important!

Using a runners pouch or a sports belt is just a simple step forward in helping you stave off the excuses, and keep on the path to a healthy life.


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