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Instagram Tips Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know

Instagram Tips Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know

Well well well! You are running a small business or intend to start one but little worried about how you are going to deal with everything, especially the marketing. And everyone knows this is the age of social media marketing and Instagram is one of those platforms where you can market your brand/business to a much larger audience as according to a recent survey Instagram is a family of above 700 million users now. So, you came to the Internet for some tips to use Instagram for your small business, and finally got here, and yes you are at right place. Here I am going to share with you all small business owners some tips to use Instagram for your business.

Use Business Account

First and foremost important thing here is to make a business account for your business. This account allows you for many features of Instagram that personal accounts don’t have such as Instagram Analytics the main benefit of business account through which you can have detail analysis of your posts. Other features include the direction of your business that you can add to your profile, the ad campaigns you can promote and people can contact you and reach you with a single tap as business accounts are public.

Content Is King

Be very careful when you are posting content on your profile. Keep the photos and videos related to your business. Avoid posting random content that is unrelated to your business. People who are following you are following you because of your business posts not for your personal posts. Posts photos or videos of your products, of your team doing their work etc. that is related to your business.

And the other important thing is you should try to learn your followers what they want to see and when they want to see. Schedule the timings of your posting. Post on those hours when you can get the highest engagement.

Utilize Hashtags

When you are posting something, the main thing there is the game of hashtags. Use the right hashtags, and you will be able to place your brand to a large number of audience who are interested in your brand. For instance, if a potential customer taps the #cakerecipes hashtag on another cake recipes page, they would see a list of all posts with that hashtag–including yours.

Increase the Engagement

Another tip for you all small business owner is that you need to engage with as many followers as you can to expand your small business to a wider audience. Interact with them on your posts. Reply to them if they have any query related to your business. Start a healthy conversation with your followers. Comment or like your followers’ posts. This will increase the engagement rate of your profile and more people will get to know about your business.

Make Use of Instagram stories

The new feature of Instagram stories is kind of interesting and also helps you gain followers on Instagram fast. The Instagram story is a feature that appears at a very top of a user’s feed, which is a prominent place to get your followers attention. You can add a slideshow of your photos or videos whatever you want to share on a daily basis that helps you engage your followers. You can also add links to your stories, which is the second place where you can add any URL/link in addition to your bio.

Make the most of your Instagram stories by telling your followers your stories. Share with them the behind the scenes videos, pictures, timely news of any event coming up or launch of any new product. Make interesting and creative posts by using the boomerang; people will love it and automatically market your business to others.

These were some tips that might help you if you are a small business owner or intends to become one. Instagram is a very valuable tool for your business if you actually make use of its value. It’s becoming more popular with each passing day. Make it as useful for your business as possible by following the given tips.


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