Is New York City Water Safe?

Water quality specialists and experts advise residents in storm affected areas not to drink tap water. After the power is turned on and the water pressure is restored — DO NOT drink the water or run it through sink filters for at least 24 hours. Then, flush water out of sink and bath lines for 15 minutes to remove any contaminated water before using.

Water utilities will be adding extra chlorine and chloramine for a few days to disinfect contaminated source water. These higher levels of chemicals may affect some sensitive individuals.

If you do not currently have a ceramic filter at your sink or shower filter, then we recommend using an Emergency Water Filter and a shower filter. If you do have filters, then we recommend changing them as soon as possible.

Believe it or not, your health could be compromised with each sip of water you drink.

This is not said to frighten you, but simply to alert you to a problem that’s very real and to a solution that’s right at the tip of your fingers. Drinking contaminated water like this is the cause of many serious health concerns, including heart disease, diabetes, diarrhea, obesity, and some forms of cancer.

The unit that is the most inexpensive is the  CWR Emergency Water Filter and it can help ensure that your water is free of contaminates and safe to drink. It runs $149.00

Boiling water is the traditional method of making dirty water drinkable. However, this method is also very time consuming and not always possible, depending upon the circumstance.

Science has proven that boiled water still contains many contaminants including sediment and heavy metals.

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