It’s Time for Marilyn Maye to be Exposed!











A Special “My View”

written by Stephen Sorokoff



She’s thrilled most musically sophisticated New Yorkers who attend the towns Nightclubs, Concert Halls and other such places where music lovers gather.  The critics have exhausted their word processor’s supply of verbal accolades to explain her.

All seats have been filled at all venues for her sold out performances and she has an entourage of New Yorkers who follow her every sojourn and excursion on our streets.  Face Book messages and tweets announce Marilyn sightings.   The time has come to start the the petition going…  Marilyn to host Saturday Night Live and to have a one women show on Broadway.  It’s time to expose her and Let the Party Begin!!!!

Marilyn Maye – currently wowing at The Metropolitan Room thru Jan. 9th



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