January Astrology

I am sorry this is late. Like most signs this month this was a time to go in and doing the calculations took longer than expected. I did add early February help to a lot of the signs. Use in good health.

Capricorn: Happy birthday, expect a spectacular year. Help with your love life is just one of the many gifts the planets have in store. Venus arrives on January 8, and stays until February 1. The new moon in your sign comes January 11th and is here to make those dreams happen. You have been of the planets. Don’t be surprised if people out of the blue ask how they can help. Don’t be shy ask and it shall be given. Think big! When the Sun moves into Aquarius on January 19th money will be on the increase.  January 22nd, 24th and 25th are all days you can shout hurray as more gifts come your way.

Aquarius: The first three weeks are for getting things in order. This is a time to be private, for keeping dreams and secrets to yourself, getting some rest, dreaming and planning for what is to come. For come it will, as the fourth week will start a year of exciting energetic movement and a time revealing those revelations. During these first three weeks get your health in order both physically and mentally. Think out with the old habits and in with cosmic support of things to come. Mars, which entered December 25, is the start of a whole new cycle, one of a long awaited success. Jupiter is also on your side, giving you the Midas touch.

Pisces: You spent the better part of last year going within. January brings a social upswing now that you have learned how to master business with pleasure. With the Sun, Pluto, Mercury, Venus, and the new moon, on January 11th entering your eleventh house of friendship and hopes and wishes, look for new lovers, friends and ideas to enter and change your world. These five planets called a “crown of stars,” will let you experience great personal growth. Social media also holds introductions to a mentor who will help you grow leaps and bounds. January 19th sees you quieting down. January 22nd is a golden day and one in which to pull out the stops.

Aries: Get off that mountain and into the thick of things as the first three weeks bring you the best career opportunities of the year. Venus, Pluto, Mercury, the Sun, and new moon are all working to bring you fame and honors. It all starts with the new moon, on January 11th when doors will open giving you a freedom and energy that you long for. Time to turn a corner and move in a new direction. Time to shine. Here are days to help: January 7, not so good, Mars and Saturn are at odds one sign says go, the other says stop so expect to be frustrated. After January 11th things start to move forward and after Jupiter goes direct on January 30th full steam ahead until June 25th.

Taurus: Expect a fantastic month with career goals and honors making you smile. Traveling holds opportunities, but wait until after the new moon January 11th. Writing holds promise as does the media and the entertainment field. January 24th holds a big surprise, career wise. January 30th sees money coming your way. If you need legal help or are in a legal battle, things will go your way. On February 11th good news will again surprise you. Your home and/or a family member take a huge importance in your life. Romantically, Venus from January 8th to February 1st, increases your charm so if not attached, now is the time.

Gemini: January, in the beginning, will have you consumed with finances. This is not a bad thing, it is actually good as money is drawn to you to pay what you owe and get on a new track. If there is something you have really needed to buy, now is the time as well. Play the lottery, as there is so much luck here. On January 11th even the new moon is in play. Also health is a concern here. If you need surgery, dental work now is the time to make those appointments and keep them. Do it before February 23rd to March 17th when Mercury is in retrograde. You still have Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, so you are the cosmic favorite.

Cancer: Time to collaborate for success. The new moon bestows gifts that arrive on January 11th. Like many of the signs you too get to start a new cycle. For you, partnership is highlighted. Marriage or businesses, if committed, on or before January 11th will be blessed. Venus also is in your seventh house of partnership from January 8th to February 1st as is Pluto. You will have rivals and there will be dragons to slay but that is what makes a great relationship worth the price and this one is. Look for these booby traps to appear as early as January 12th. From January 19 until at least January 26th which is another new moon money enters your life. Make sure what comes in first goes out to what is important.

Leo: Hello kitties, work and health are highlighted for you this January. You get help from Pluto, Mercury, the Sun, Venus, on January 11th’s, new moon. Start communicating what you want. Do not change jobs at this time; for that wait until late April. This is a time to take care of you. See that dentist, start that diet, get any kind of doctors’ appointment that you have been putting off done now. In the love department commitment is the key to happiness. If you’re single, you just might have a Valentine around February 10th. January is a positive time for you, to finally face those critic’s once and for all, even if the critic is you. On January 22nd news concerning money may make you purr. By the 25th your purr should be so loud the world will hear it.

Virgo: You are about to enter the most Mmmm, romance is in the air hoping you find love. If attached more time with the one you love. The new moon January 11th has FIVE heavenly bodies, in your solar fifth house of true love and they are there for over three weeks. This new moon has the power to change your life make use of it. Make sure you are ready for love. Spruce yourself up, now is the time to splurge on yourself. It will have a big payoff. Make sure to attend social events and if you can travel from January 11th to the 13th you will stress out about the money you are spending but breathe, as on the 24th the Sun and Uranus bring financial help. On the 25th news on the career side will make this a January to celebrate.

Libra: Ready to move? Now is the time. If you are happy in your living now is the time to improve that. You have five planets in your home and family starting January 8th and they are in residence until February 1st. This may also mean an inheritance possibly from your mother or female member. When the new moon on the 11th arrives you will want to snuggle in your den and see the changes you have made. On the 16th and 17th, your planet Venus, your ruler, has you feeling balanced and feeling that all is well in the world. If you are thinking of buying anything electronic, now is the time to do it as next month is in retrograde. After January 19th love and romance with possibly someone foreign will have you celebrating Valentine’s Day early.

Scorpio: January sees you busy as a bee so hit the ground running. The phone will be ringing off the hook and business will be booming. The reason for this flurry of excitement is you have five heavenly bodies in your third house of communication. On January 8th to February 1st you have that chance to ask for what you want and people will actually give it. Thinking of asking for a raise? Now is the time. Need to negotiate? You will be on the winning side. Just make sure you cross the T’s and dot the I’s. Since everyone is concerned with their finances, yours are on the plus side. You should see some extra on January 22nd.  You will have good luck in this department until June 25th. Smiling yet?

Sagittarius: Money comes in, money goes out as January highlights finances. This month is a kind of test of how you handle money. The planets are on your side as the Sun, Mercury and Venus all pitch in to help. The games should begin on or about January 8th with a big push with the new moon on January 11th.  January 11th to the 21st should be your best days in making money so put your mind and body to the grindstone and think big. Romance and travel also seem enchanted so make the most of it. This is your golden time so shine brightly. Just remember: to make room for the new we must release the old.

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